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hi from melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by rich, May 24, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm in Melbourne and just as soon as I've replaced my Battery, renewed my licence which has expired, re-registered my bike and fixed the broken zip on my jacket I really want to come for a group ride. do they cost anything or do you just turn up?
    Does anyone else have these issues or is it just me!
    incidentally, I was looking at the new VFR 1200 and have a bike p0rn crush- but since there isn't 27000 bucks down the back of the couch (i checked) does anyone out there ride a VfR 800 ? I think I might want one.

  2. Hi,
    Welcome on board. No the group rides don't cost a penny. You just need to be at the designated meet place at the designated time and tag along.
    An old colleague of mine rides a vfr800 and loves it to bits. He does a fair bit of touring on it and highly recommends it.
  3. Probably, if they're slack, broke or both.......:D

    Welcome aboard, and enjoy the netrider ride....
  4. Nope...(2004 model though!)

    Ha Ha!!

    Best bike eva! and I've had a few. Let me know if any questions bro,

  5. Hi rich and welcome to NR.

    Yep we have a few VFR riders.

    You can send me a cheque up front and then on the rides just let them know that I said you didn't have to pay again :LOL:

    What's your current ride?
  6. welcome bud
  7. Hiya! Thanks for the tip..Imma gonna check my couch.

    ETA: Nope. No $27K in my couch either.
  8. thanks all, talk about an active thread...I'm riding (or not) a vtr250 which is actually a great bike, since finding a girlfriend though I need a) something that i can take a pillion on and b) something that is fast to get away and clear my head (joke)
  9. Hi Rich & welcome.

    Maybe mention you're joining a ride in relevant thread so people know you're going - aside from that, enjoy! :grin:
  10. G'day Rich and welcome to Netrider mate :)
  11. Yes...well...guilty I guess
  12. What do you think about vfr800 vs triumph sprint? People say that the power delivery on the vfr is an issue? But I'm not sure about the triumph in terms of brit build quality

  13. the triumphs these days are built like a brick, their quality is outstanding