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Hi from Melb :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Saspotato, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I'm from Melbourne and just joined here as a few friends who ride recommended I join.

    I am getting a VTR250 tomorrow night and then my Ls next week. I have ridden as a kid on farms and so on plus pillion a lot on my dad's bike (he had a restored '69 Triumph Saint) as a kid so always wanted a bike and have money/time now :)

    Hope I pass my Ls now given I have the bike! Any tips? :)

    Planning to mostly ride on weekends with my boyfriend (who is getting his bike on Sunday - Triumph Sprint ST).

  2. Welcome Sarah,

    Lots of good info on here and plenty of people willing to help.

    Where are you doing your L's? If it is HART you will be fine they take you through the whole test before you have to do it. I would assume the other providers do as well - Good luck.

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. Welcome to NR and good luck with the Ls test. It's a pretty easy test and seeing as you have ridden before, you will fly through it :). Just don't stall :p
  4. Hi

    Ok good to know it is easy. :) Umm it's been MANY years since I have ridden a bike actually so I can't remember anything about it! I probably will have the chance to practice on a friend's farm on another bike this weekend though.

    I am doing it at Calder Park at Rider Bros. It's a full day course then I do my Ls at the end. Soon after I will try to do one of those defensive riding classes as well.
  5. Welcome to NR Sarah,

    someone will be along shortly to take your temperature.

    come on down to the learner mornings at Elwood to practice on sat mornings or to the learner rides when you feel confident. Or if you trust the BF, jump on the back and come along to a group ride and meet everyone... they won't bite too hard.
  6. Welcome to NR. (y)

    As mentioned above Sat prac is the place to be. Come down and say hi one of these days. :)
  7. Hello and welcome, I'd barely ridden (occasional short goes on friends bikes as a teenager) in my life and went and did my Ls in late June. I did the 1 day course and test and it was not hard. The training and practice get you ready and then you just complete the test.
    The VTR250 is a good choice, easy to manage and very popular with learners.
  8. I will see if I can get to Elwood sometime (I live 60km NW of CBD so can be a bit hard but sounds like a good idea) for practice :)

    On Friday, I am picking up a bunch of gear too. Will be a bit broke for a while I think...

    Lots of people recommended the VTR250 to me for a Learner bike actually (or CB400 but I decided I liked the VTR better).

  9. Welcome buddy ! the learner sessions are great to meet people and learn some skills.....

    ....also are you hot?
  10. Hi Sarah, welcome to NR.

    Good luck with the L's test. Hope you get your insurance sorted and have fun with your new bike.
  11. VTR's rock.... they're way better than CB400's or Spadas.
  12. Super hot, see?

    Thank you :)
  13. oh shit... i thought it was my ex.
  14. Take that crisis...:D
  15. *shrugs* did a cross-eyed chick in melbourne...shit was hilarious ...so this picture doesn't suprise me coming from melbourne area


    a bottle of bourbon n i would've given you a crack if i wasn't taken saspotato ;)
  16. Oh stop, you're making me blush.
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  17. anywho - welcome bud ...hope you enjoy the forum...it's good for a giggle and the tonne's of information on offer
  18. Yep, found heaps of helpful stuff already, thanks :)
  19. Such as how to shrug off stalkers from the penrith area?

    Welcome and enjoy your new found taste of freedom
  20. i was only gonna touch her a lil....jeez