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Hi from livo

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ALLTORQUE, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Hello fellow netriders! Proud owner of an MT 07 here living out near liverpool. Had her for 6 weeks now. Loving every minute i get on her. Mrs aint to impressed but i think shes just jealous.. haha looking forward to soaking up all your knowledge!

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  2. Howdy ALLTORQUEALLTORQUE and welcome to NR. You've got good taste and gorgeous bike :) Post some pics when you can.

    Kind of see your Mrs point. If not riding herself, she'd love to cozy up to you on the back of that sexy bike of yours.... But I guess she has to wait a bit ;) Maybe she should get her own licence?
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  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Thanks guys/gals. Unfortunately she doesnt ride and doesnt want a bar of it or a rear seat for that matter lol but im sure i can persuade her eventually. (For a cuddle that is ;) lol).
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  5. Oh and ill pop some photos up when all the kit unlocks for me. But for a tease check the avatar :)
  6. Oh don't you worry! Once she'll start seeing the looks and smiles all those girls give you, she'll get on the back of your bike quick smart :)
  7. Haha not sure im pretty enough for the smiles.. not that im looking at all, with the sydney traffic you gotta be on your guard or you're just another speed hump and thats if you're noticed at all. What do you ride fr33dm?
  8. Thanks for all the welcomes guys
  9. 20150831_173530.
    I'm still on L's, so this is my ride for few years to come.
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  10. You don't need to be looking, your wife will see it all ;) You do the right thing, ride, roll on the throttle and watch..... the traffic of course!
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  11. Hasn't worked for my missus! (the full face helmet improves my looks) ;)
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  12. Welcome ALLTORQUEALLTORQUE I am just nearby at Moorebank - I ride an MT 03 & hubby has an 09 & a Super Tenere - enjoy
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  13. Welcome to NR
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  14. Haha might be why mine always tell me to put it on?!

    shed push me to ride more if that was the case. Shes always trying to palm me off or lose me in the shopping centre hahaha. And nice bike fr33dm. Ive got the legend status also. I just keep snapping the plastic ones. Ive gone through 12 or so already lol

    im in green valley, close enough to livo lol. Nice set of rides peony, just need an 01 and 07 and you near have the full set :)
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  15. i only ever watch the traffic ;) haha
  16. Oh sure............ ;)
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  17. 20150829_161109.
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  18. Just realised tomorrow is Saturday, and that means its a half day at work and i get to give her a good tub tomorrow (if the rain holds out) will post some more pics when shes all clean :p
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