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hi from kuang + a short story

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kuang7, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. hi all,
    this is my first official post, just want to say hi and finally introduce myself. i'v been reading this forum for a couplka months - lots good info & advice. i started riding just end last year, learning about the bike, riding & having a good time. because i work most weekends, i don't get much chance to go for rides but that's no.1 on my list when workload eases upp!!

    from the posts its seems many netridererrs gone a'riding this weekend. i went for a ride yesterday before work - weather was too good not to. the route was burwood hwy -> gembrooke -> emerald -> cockatoo -> warburton -> launching place -> healesville. there was a stretch of gravel :?: :?: :?: what's going on there? also went up lake mountain which was great and nice & there were no traffic at all.

    on the way back down it happened to me :cry: . people talk about it all the time about coming off. i took a twist too fast & too wide and endedup in the gutter. i remember looking at the edge of the road and gutter, the bike riding the edge then off & me bouncing off. i rolled on my knees and hands & bouncing up to wave at my friend before picking up my bike. fortunately the damage was minimal: only scraped knees (draggin held up), a hole in the plastic tacho housing. i know i am lucky to get off with just that. it was a hard lesson about corners. i was shakened on the way down but afterwards my friend said something: everybody falls. i know it was due to my inexperience and lack of skill, but i'm learning.

    before the off, i kept thinking: wish i was on my new r6, on my new r6, r6 r6 r6 r6 r6...
    after the off, i kept thinking: lucky i wasn't on my new r6, r6 r6 r6... :LOL:

    looking forward to joining a ride soon!
  2. Bugger about the off, good that you are ok though. Welcome to the forum kuang7, nice choice of bike! :)
  3. Hi Kuang, sorry to hear about your off. Good that you're not too damaged... wounds heal and chicks dig scars. maybe catch ya on a ride soon.
  4. Welcome kuang. And, yeah, it's amazing how an off changes your perspective.

    wish i was on my new r6, on my new r6, r6 r6 r6 r6 r6...
    lucky i wasn't on my new r6, r6 r6 r6...


    Great to hear that it wasn't too serious....
  5. would really like to go on rides. i'll do that once work gets off my back. by the way, how's tomoko (from your sig)? picture's too small, but she looks silverish? i almost went for a hornet before settling for the VTR. mine's called azusa :)
  6. i hear people talk about/read it/thought about coming off. but i guess like people say: you don't really know it until it happens to you. before i came off i was pushing it a little, trying to feel the corners more. i wasn't thinking that i was bulletproof, but i never thought it was going to happen. that sobered me up, i mean like a big stamp slammed on my head with the words: SLOW DOWN BEFORE ENTERING CORNER.

    so that R6 will have to wait.... and a good thing i wasn't riding it too :LOL:
  7. Bugger about the off Kuang.

    If you've been lurking for a while, you would have come across some really good cornering tips and technology... hope they help you decipher what went wrong and NOT to do it again!!!

    By the way, you can get knee pads for the draggin, or for about $50, you can get the strap on kind... leave what that means to your imagination... :LOL:
  8. G'day and welcome, and you have discovered why I ride a naked bike. Imagine all that fairing damage.
  9. Sorry about coming off - it was good you weren't on an r6. Welcome to the forums
  10. Sorry about coming off - it was good you weren't on an r6. Welcome to the forums