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Hi from Jakarta!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by roadhawk, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm an old time visitor to NR and decided to check in again yesterday. I used to cruise the streets of Melbourne on my Yellow CB250 but now I'm living in Jakarta.

    It's mad up here and a world away from Melbourne, been here since 07 and riding here is a completely different art form compared to the smooth tame streets of Australia.

    Keep on the saddle guys and peace out from Jaktown!

  2. Hey roadhawk,
    Good to hear from a Melbournian abroad. Was in Jakarta twice during the past 2 months, though didn't have enough time to hire a bike. Hired a moped in Penang (Malaysia) once (another time in Koh Samui) and to this day am not sure how/why I'm still alive ! :D

    Stay safe out there mate.
  3. Hey RH, apa kabar... first time I rode a bike *cough* scooter *cough* was in Java, but not in Jakarta. Took me a while but I got a bike in Oz and learned how to ride properly, but I owe my bikin' fun to Indo as I had no background in bikes here.

    Living in JKT is a blast, I worked on a project there many years ago. Food, culture and wimminz to die for.
  4. Yeah guys, biking is mad up here, I had a Yamaha two-stroke I used to take to work here everyday for about a year (one hour each way when heavy on the throttle), you certainly build up some skills by commuting here. I haven't commuted by the bike for quite some time though, only borrow my friends bikes on occasion, looking to get another bike in a couple of months though man I miss having one handy, being in the car here is like being quite literally stuck in a cage.
  5. Ha ha it's ze women ya have to keep an eye on here brotha!
  6. mmmmmm wimminz
  7. What were you doing in Jakarta dude? It sounds like you travel a bit!
  8. Not enough to Jakarta mate :(
    All I can say is this : We have many Indonesian girls at work and they are amongst some of the prettiest, elegant and social staff I work with during my travels.
    Surabaya is another place I don't mind visiting now and then... ;)
  9. I've been coming back and forth here since 01 but haven't been to Surabaya yet, I've heard it's hot, what do you like about it?
  10. Mate, I've lived in Asia for over 8yrs straight (back in Oz now for 1yr), so know all too well about how hot it gets in most parts of the 'rice bowl'.
    What was 'sizzling hot' was a certain bar of a certain Hotel in Surabaya.... (y)
  11. How did you go keeping your riding up during those 8 years?
  12. So many bars so little time
  13. Very good question mate !
    Used to commute back to Melbourne, whenever I had a string of at least 5-6 days off. Wasn't easy.

    Antoman : This is what made the ~8yrs pass so damn quickly ! :D
  14. Yeah, I'd love to get back and work in SE Asia again.... good times. Did a great bike tour in Vietnam in April. I'd love to set up a similar business in Indo one day.
  15. I often think of doing the same thing maybe 3-4 times a year but I'm not sure whether there would be a market for it!

    What do you reckon?
  16. Advertise anything exciting such as the idea above, to expats who love doing things like this...and you'll be surprised how much interest you might get (y)