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hi from Italy!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by tigerjacopo, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. hi,
    FIRST ALL SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH..writing is pretty difficoult than speking!

    i m a rider-biker from italy, after a lot of trips in NZ, my business will send me in Australia..first time this 08/2012 then in december and so on...(also my company will ask me to choose if i wanto to continue living in Italy or move to another contry..but this is another story..)..
    i'll begin from Sidney and around (but you could tell me all about Melbourn and other places, all infos are wellcome!...
    1) meeting points: name (website..).. i search the web..but..googl-ing "bikers" i notice that with the word "bikers" you mean a non-positive owner of a bike..so maybe it s better if i ask for a "rider" meeting point..?...something such as the ACE cafe in London..in Auckland there is the Deux cafe..but it s a place for..ehm..posers !.. i would like to know places where riders meet before and after a trip..or just to stay togheter watching Motogp..or just showing their bikes!
    2) track days where i could rent a bike and a leather suit..

    And now something about me:
    i live in Tuscany, 15minutes from Mugello Circuit, i was a rider in when i was 16-18 at the end of 80s with 125 and 250..then i stop competitions until 5 years ago when i re-began with 1000.. then i stop again..kids and a lot of trouble in teams-buisiness decide for me..
    I have 4 bikes: mv f4 Tamburini, bimota tesi 3d, aprilia factory tuono and an old guzzi t3 1979 that i m building with my hands in a cafe racer style..
    really soon an 0ld RS250 aprlia..first love never dies..i want this for my trackdays of 40y man!
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  2. Welcome to NR. (y)

    You've 4 bikes! That's awesome. :) I wish I had 4 bikes.
  3. Welcome to Australia.

    Near Sydney I'd suggest to try the roaside cafes such as Pie In The Sky on the Pacific Highway between Cowan and Brooklyn, or the Robertson Pie Shop. There's also The Grey Gums cafe on the Putty Rd, or Corrugated Cafe at Peats Ridge.

    Might see you out on the Road.
  4. hi,thanx for theese first infos,
    And what about sydney city - downtown?
    is it true what i understand about what U mean for the word bikers and riders? .. i mean, with the word bikers U think to gangs as hell's angels.. with riders the "normal" people that have and love motorbikes ??
    ..sorry but reading about gangs of motorbikers is something of quite funny..i'd love my country if the criminal problems could be motorbike gangs (that we never saw..)...instead of mafia at any level, politics corrumption, and criminal taxes...
    the only problem with riders we could have is some group of riders that drive too fast along the Appennino roads or Alps road thinking to be faster than Rossi! (...mmm..if you meet Gramigni,125 world champ many years ago, with his stock R1 you change mind how you could drive fast on the street!)
  5. Benvenuto!

    You come from one of the most beutiful parts in the wporld, I have very fond memories of Tuscuny.

    There are many roads in Australia that are great roads to ride, but the Police ruin them by making you ride slower than 100kph. Our freeways do not compare to your autostrada's.

    If you come to Melbourne, I'm more than happy to show you around a little.
  6. thanx!
    during the first trip i don't think to have time to Rent a bike to ride around..just forma track day..what about the meeting point in the cities?do you use to meet in a pub or a cafe before or after a trip o just on friday evening or sunday to watch Motogp together?
  7. Have a look at Sydney Riders. They meet Wed nights in the inner city and a few Netriders are members.
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    Welcome, Mate. Enjoy our wonderful scenery
  9. Welcome, and if you come to Melbourne, then you'll have to visit Philip Island, guys on here tend to visit the track there, all have fond memories that are shared on this site as well.
  10. Tiger

    You really need to come to Melbourne, it's so much better than Sydney.

    I could share a funny story from the Lido Venice with you. Spent most of my time down South, got as far as the Isle of Capri - did a boat trip out to the grotto - absolutely "magnifico". Unfortunately, other than the shopping in Florence didn't get to see the wine regions of Tuscany.

    Buon viaggio, buona salute e cerchiamo di condividere un vino