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Hi from (Inner-Western) Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by LukePJJ, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. G’day Netrider folk,

    I'm looking forward to joining some group rides around Melbourne and beyond but I'm still riding my VTR250 until I save some more pennies for a bigger bike.

    Been riding for about 18 months but only when it's nice out. Haha

    Anyway, hopefully I see some of you in the near future around the place.

    Take it easy.
  2. Welcome Luke, come down to Saturday morning practice and meet up with the gang.
  3. Hi Luke,

    There are a few of us from around that area. I second the Saturday practice idea.. also there are Tuesday night rides that leave from the diner across the road from the North Melbourne football ground - if that sort of thing interests you then it's also very close by :)

    Good choice with the VTR250 btw; they're a nice reliable steed, and a great bike to learn the ropes on :) Many a netrider has started out on the VTR :)

    Hopefully we'll see you around some of the rides etc soon :)
  4. I think I will get to one of the Saturday practice rides. No harm at all in giving it a go. I just did went for a ride this arvo up the Calder to Gisborne then through Bacchus Marsh onto the Western Hwy back to Kensington. Bloody cold now... I think I might pick up some warmer gear before I do night rides - but they sound very tempting. Cheers both gundy and cjvfr
  5. Welcome to NR Luke.

    The VTR isn't too bad a bike. My bro in law had one a few years ago. What sort of bike are you looking for next?
  6. G'day Kow8ell, yeah so far I'm enjoying the little VTR but that's only coz my rides rarely exceed 1-2 hours. She struggles up hills at times though :)

    I really like the look of the HD Forty Eight but with a year or so left of a car loan I won't make another large purchase just yet. I will take a few bike on test rides in 12-18 months and see what feels comfortable.
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  7. Welcome Luke, HD, nice choice :) I purchased a sportster & lm on a ride atm, Ocean Grove to Daylesford, Wedderburn, The Grampians, Ararat, home via GOR tomorrow. Bikes awsome :) when you upgrade, you'll LUV the power :) good luck