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Hi from hurstville, NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kungfupigeon, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Hey people, just got my L's a few days ago and picked up a 1998 Suzuki GSX250F Across. Nice to meet you all, tips and advice appreciated :]

  2. Welcome kungfupigeon (I'm sure there's a story behind that name :LOL:)
  3. this was like 5 yrs back when fending off a crazy pigeon that inevitably also pooped on me in the end :-(
  4. ah yes, even during the World Financial Crisis, pigeons were still able to leave a deposit on a Merc :LOL:.
  5. Welcome to NR kungfupigeon. Definitely funny .. when it happens to someone else :LOL:
  6. welcome in mate :)
  7. Welcome

    My piece of advice? Don't rely on the rear brakes too much. :p
    Read around the forums and talk to people who ride who can also give you advice.

    Enjoy your stay!
  8. Welcome to the Bike world
  9. Hey kungfupigeon.. welcome to the fun :)
  10. hi there im from that neck of the woods, for any learner rider i reccomend the learner rider sessions that are on at homebush, they really teach u skills to help pass to Ps, i would love to go riding with you but unfortunately im bikeless atm, so when i do, love to catchup some time