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Hi from Gippsland Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vtwincruiza, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Just thought I would introduce myself. My names Grant, Im from Gippsland in Vic. Have just gotten my Learners last night and bought myself a '95 VT250c. Rode it home from work tonight and so far Im loving it. It will be a daily commuter for me for work so comfort was important when I was looking for a bike and found this one and thought to myself that it was the one. Thanks for looking and I hope to perhaps one day come on a ride with one of the cruise groups in the not too distant future.

  2. Hi Grant, Welcome to NR and bikes. A few riders on the forums are down your way. Lots of good roads to explore in Gippsland. :)
  3. Hi Grant,

    welcome,where about in Gippsland are you from?
  4. Thanks guys, been riding dirt bikes for a while but thought it was time for a change to get on the road, although today was the first time Ive been on 2 wheels in a while . . . will be good to get amoungst it - and yes the roads around here would be great to explore ;)

    Im near sale Ree ;D you in gippy yourself?
  5. G'day Grant and welcome to Netrider :)
  6. Cheers mate ;D
  7. g'day grant, im from sale.

    good to see some more local riders on here.
  8. gday jimmy - i see your friends with hannah dyer (facebook lol wanted to see if i knew ya - shes my cousin - you related to her? im guessing you would be?
  9. yeah i think i'm related to her, cant exactly remember how though. confusing.

    have you been around sale for long?
  10. oh ok small world lol yeah been in gippy a while - grew up in bairnsdale, moved to the city but been here the last 6 or so years . . . how bout urself?
  11. ah righto. i remember seeing hannah at the hospital at easter sunday 2007 when she had busted arms. i busted my hand that day racing motocross. the doctor was like WTF because he had to fix us one after another in the operating theatre.

    i've lived here forever. been riding for ages too, only been riding on the road for around a year and a half, since i got my bike licence really.
  12. Hi Grant and welcome to NR
  13. hi mate, or as they say in Sale, hi mate :)
  14. Gday and thanks GreyBM and Nobby ;D lol I dont even remember hannah being in hospital with busted arms JimmyD hahahaha my memory is retarded though - I cant remember last week, makes it very hard to do my job . . .
  15. Hey Jimmy are you the James that works at sale Honda by chance?
  16. Hi Kitt How are ya?
  17. yeah i cant remember what she did, but they were busted. dunno if it was arms, wrists or whatever. but something was busted.

    haha nah thats not me.
  18. Ah k just thought id ask hahaha - if it was you i was gunna thank you for all your help lol . . .
  19. useless fact no. 26 - i actually went to primary school with him.
    useless fact no. 27 - we both play bass guitar.

    haha. i think i may have been in there one day when you had been talking to him about vt250's.