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Hi from Geelong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ranka, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Just thought I would say hi to everyone!! Getting a bike is something I have wanted to do for years, and this weekend I am doing my learners permit course.
    Liking all the write ups in the new riders section, heaps of good info in them.
    So hopefully all goes well and I will be out on the road soon.

  2. Welcome to NR ! You've got a great bunch of people over there in Vic to learn from/with and ride with .
  3. Good luck on the weekend, ride safe and have fun:)
  4. I am kinda new too but welcome aboard
    this forum is really great enjoy
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  5. Welcome. I'm also a noob but having great fun..lol.
  6. Maybe @2up will help you out and take you for a ride.....
  7. Hey hey. Geelong is an awesome place for riding. have fun
  8. Welcome to NR(y)
  9. Cheers guys, appreciate it. Pumped for the weekend!!!!!
  10. welcome to NR, a few people out Geelong way, learners session is in Elwood, worth the freeway ride on a nice day, just watch those cameras, pick the bike that suits your needs, take things slowly, if you havent ridden before, find a huge car park to practise in or new estates, you got heaps of roads to 'blast' on there but use the 'walk before you run' motto, stay safe!!
  11. So I passed my learners today, awesome day. Cheers to the instructors at stay upright, made the day even better!!!
    Now i just need to find a bike :D
  12. Congrats on the learners, people on this site selling bikes, chech threads
  13. Well done ranka
    Good luck with your choice
    Might see you on the roads
  14. Welcome to the nuthouse and Congrats on getting your learners :)
  15. Congrats on the L's! I remember the guys at stay upright were awesome too! Always a hard choice, your first bike... Good time to get into it, the weather is starting too look pretty good!! Once you're up and going, if you want some mates to ride with, let me know, we are out and about regularly... Always more fun to ride with friends! Ride safe!!
  16. Yeah cheers biff, that sounds good. I pick up my bike this weekend, went with a cf moto 6500nk, for the price it was was the most comfortable bike i came across. Cant wait.
  17. Hi and welcome Ranka, awesome lookin' bike you've chosen.