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Hi from Frankston Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by weeman, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Hi folks been on the road for only 3 months on my learners,only arrived in Australia 6 months ago,been on and off this site a few times and thought I would say hi.Got a Hyosung 250,good learners bike I think,cheers D :)

  2. Nice bike!!! You have been on your L's for 3 months so you can get your full licence now! :grin:
  3. Welcome Weeman :grin:
  4. Hi wee man and welcome to the forum! :grin:
  5. hi weed man :grin:
  6. Love the nic weeman
  7. Hi weeman
    Exellent choice of Bike

    yes i have one
    the black a & silver
    i AM of restrictions
    and still have kept the bike i LOVE it
    Loud after market pipes make it just that much more enjoyable :grin:
  8. Welcome weeman, Fri night's coffee night in Mornington, small numbers but getting there :)
  9. hi weeman, welcome to Netrider. like u, i just recently joined. look forward to meetin newbies and oldies.
  10. Welcome weeman, hope you enjoy the experience
  11. Hi,guys thanks for all your welcomes,looking forward to asking some dumb questions!!Cheers Dave :grin:
  12. Welcome wee-man.
    KEY: Google = NR Search function
    But then ask away anyway :LOL: