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Hi from down south!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by wojaarghh, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    I've been trawling these forums since the beginning of the year. I'm originally from Sydney but moved down south to Shellharbour for work since middle of January.

    I've always want to get a motorcycle but due to over protective parents and knowing Sydney drivers (since I was one) I thought I might as well hold out for a little while.

    Since moving down I did the pre-Ls at Unanderra, got my L's and bought a spanking new white SV650SU. In the month that I've had it I've clocked just shy of 1000km and my baby's booked in for its first service tomorrow morning.

    I managed to convince a couple of my other mates to get their L's as well, one of which bought himself a Ninja 650RL.

    My mum wasn't too pleased about it but resigned herself to the fact. My dad on the other hand just did his pre-L's last weekend and SMSed me on Tuesday to proudly state that he has a few more letters on his drivers licence.

    Here's a couple of pics

    I got a day off work today and the weather looks lovely, I think I might go down to Berry for some lunch!

    Hope to meet a few of you IRL!


  2. Welcome Rog! I hope you enjoy yourself here at NR!
    There's heaps of fella's up your way, so don't be shy!
    There's an active ride/meet calendar there so make sure you check it out and go along to something! I believe they also have Learner's courses to help new riders!
    Sad to say I wont be there, as I'm down in Melbourne, but good luck and most of all, have fun!
  3. Welcome Rog. Nice looking bike!
    I'm heading down to Ulladulla over easter. Still deciding whether to take the bike or the ute. Let you know if I ride. Might get you to show us some decent roads down there.
  4. I haven't done that many rides besides down to Berry and up to Sydney at the moment.
    I work in Sussex Inlet which would seem like a fun ride down but haven't ridden past Berry just yet...
  5. awesome another SV650S owner! :D
  6. holy feck that is a sexy learner bike! i just orgasmed.
  7. Hey Rog, that is on e gorgeous looking bike. I can't believe that thing is a LAMS bike!

    Nice work on getting your Ls, and Welcome to Netrider.

  8. Thanks guys!

    I'm currently in Sydney packing up the rest of my furniture for the final big move down so I had to drive up this time. I'm having rider withdrawal at the moment. I'll probably come back up to Sydney for a ride with dad since he got his L's and a bike as well.