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Hi From Coonabarabran

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Paula Bateson, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Paula, and I have recently passed my P's as a mature aged rider. Hubby and I have finally been able to achieve freedom after bringing up six kids (two only at home are adults).

    We are planning a road trip in December from up our way to the South Coast via Cowra to visit our kids along the way and also to catch up with friends who also ride.

    I will be reading with great interest any information I can find out about road conditions and any other important information I need to know as a first time roadie (things I really need to know about traffic in various areas such as Canberra, etc).

    I will also have a bike for sale as soon as I am allowed, I have been trying to sell it on the buy, swap and sell places on Facebook, but basically I've been given the run around. I'm hoping that someone will pay the adoption price for my baby and she go to a good home. More later.

    I find that riding is a fantastic way to make yourself stress-free and love the rides that we have taken in our local area. I also try to make sure that my kids' friends are educated enough while learning to drive, so that they are aware that there are smaller vehicles than cars on the road. I am passionate about safe riding and driving.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my drivel and I hope to catch up with other like-minded people out on the open road.


  2. Hi Paula, and welcome to Netrider.
    I live on the South Coast (Wollongong area) so if you are passing through it would be nice to meet you both!
  3. Cool, we will be down that way in December, staying at friends' place in Oak Flats.
  4. I lived in Oak Flats till December last year, now live in Warilla......
  5. Welcome to NR Paula!
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  6. Welcome Paula. We are having a big meet up next March in Jindabyne, see my Signature link. Hope you and Hubby can come along and meet some of the other nutcases that inhabit this place.
  7. Welcome Paula. Did you attend the Coona races. My dear wife is a ex Baradine girl and returns every year. Yes the old saying " you can take a girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl"
  8. Our 'big' ride will be in December, not sure about Jindabyne next year. Thanks for the invite though.
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  9. We lived at Baradine for a while, no I don't go to the races, horses don't interest me.

    Up here I'm more 'city', down in the city I'm more 'country' - go figure. :confused:
  10. Thanks for the welcome everyone, really appreciate it. I will post some photos of our babies in due course.
  11. welcome aboard :] enjoy the times ahead
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  12. Welcome Paula and significant other half. What machines are you guys on at the moment?
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  13. Welcome to the Forum
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  14. We've already exchanged posts but welcome anyway.
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  15. Hubby has a Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic (2000 model, under 30,000km) - just bought it under my advice (SWMBO)

    I have inherited his (mine) Yamaha Virago 250 (1991 model, just on 25000km)

    Both bikes had been ridden for a short while before finding themselves in storage for a while and both obtained from their original owners (Virago by means of a dealer).