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Hi From Coffs Harbour

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CXChick, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Waving to all from beautiful Coffs Harbour. I am a bit of a late starter and have not been riding for long. I ride a 1981 Honda CX500 Shadow and enjoy it heaps. I belong to the local branch of Ulysses and I am also a member of the Australian CX Forum.
    I am looking forward to chatting with some of you down the track.

  2. Nice bike, my first real road bike. Welcome!
  3. Thanks for the welcome
  4. Welcome to NR. I've been to Coffs once - nice place. (y)
  5. i lived up there for a few months. Fantastic outside tourist time.
  6. nice bike! i have an aprilia rs125 and can't wait to get into some serious riding i am down in sa i know of a couple of good places to ride but i can't find many people to ride with. my bike is still restricted its only done 500km but when its hit 1000km i will get it fully derestricted, new exhaust, carby rejetted, cdi unit derestricted. hopefully thats all it needs! im new to this but keen as to get going.
  7. Nice area you're in there. I had a few mates with the CX, years back, and spent a few days on one that one of them lent me. They're a beaut motor.

  8. G'day mate! I'm also from Coffs Harbour, whenever your keen to go for a ride, I'll be more then happy to show you around! :beer:

    I ride a bright orange Gsx-r 1000, you've probably seen it getting around? I'm usually riding it on a daily basis! lol
  9. I have loved learning to ride on the CX. It has been very forgiving.

    Wayned - your right about the motor. It just goes and goes and goes. I took it up to Gladstone QLD and back. It never missed a beat.

    gixxerk7 - Thank you for the invitation. Might have to take you up on that one day. :)
  10. Hello CXChick - Welcome to NR.

    The road to Dorrigo is a beauty, but watch out for a couple of those corners. You can be in freefall for quite a long time. I know.
  11. Hi and welcome to NR. There is a spot in my heart for any funny cylender arrangements.