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Hi from Coffs Harbour

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Timoli, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hi guys and girls,

    I'm a new rider, just moved from Canberra to Coffs Harbour.
    2 months experience on a bike, but been driving for 16 years.
    Got myself a '99 VTR250, basically because I loved the look of it, and the rego and insurance costs... And now I love the way it rides!

    Hope to learn a lot from here, and hopefully meet some new riding companions...


  2. Welcome to Netrider, Tim! VTR is a great bike. :)
  3. Hi Tim, welcome mate.

    I'm also in Coffs, its actually a really awesome area for motorcycle riders with great places to ride and some really nice roads.

    I've only been riding for 5 years and still gaining experience so if you ever want to go for a ride let me know, I started on a Honda 250 like you, now ride a sv650 v-twin which I've had for 2 years. You picked the best bike to start on.
  4. Welcome to NR. I've been to Coffs Harbour once. Nice place!
  5. Thanks guys.
    Done one ride to Dorrigo with a mate... Back way there through Bello, then Waterfall way back.... Fun, but had to pull over to let let HEAPS of riders pass me... still too slow. Oh well, practice makes perfect I guess.
  6. Welcome to the forums.

    My Nan used to live up at Coffs Harbour, Adelines Way if I remember correctly, she also lived at Charlotte court which was just around the corner, I used to go there during the school holidays and it was a great place to be - just thinking about it makes me want to take a trip up there and just knock on the doors of old mates and catch up with them or there parents.

    Being from the a city area I've always remembered how easy people were to get along with up there, I was (and still am) a pretty shy person but made some pretty good friends up there.
  7. Welcome to NR :)
  8. Good onya Tim, and welcome to Netrider :)
  9. Welcome to NR! The VTR is a great bike, my gf has one and i always like to steal it for a spin!
  10. Hi Timoli.. Welcome to this great site.. Ride you say?? Ride on Jul 02 meet at 0930 sharp at Mobil S/S Boambee... Coffee at Macksville then lunch at the best cake/pie shop in Crescent head. We travel via Scotts Head/Stewarts Point/Southwest Rock. We re a bunch of 12 bikers some with wifes that love riding... You are most welcome

  11. Thanks again guys! Vossy, thanks for the invite, would love to come for the ride (although stupid NSW learner speed limits may hold me back) - will have to see what the wife says :( Unfortunately my wife doesn't have a love of riding.... yet. Was hard enough convincing her to let me get a bike to start with.
  12. You should show her the following equation -

    Man owns bike = Man Happy

    Happy Man = Happy Husband

    Happy Husband = Lots of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Lots of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang = Happy Wife

    So Man owns bike = Happy Wife

    Hence Proved! :D
  13. Welcome to NR mate
  14. Timoli.. As some of us have partners on the back it cruzen season. Apart from the trip to Macksville and 8km of highway near Clybucca most of the country/back roads that we ride on are 80km speed limit. If I exceed 80 I receive a clunk on my helmet so you might say that I have a speed limiter on the bike. Love you to come.
  15. welcome tim pull the baffle out of your exhaust if it aint been done yet it adds a nice note too it.
  16. Im From Taree But I get to Coffs Every Second weekend , Im Stuck On Red P Plates So i Can Only Go 90 ( Ish ) But im always keen.
  17. Won't be riding in the next week or so... Discovered my front sprocket and chain are pretty much stuffed. Gotta talk the wife into letting me replace them :(
  18. Welcome mate, I’m from Coffs Harbour myself but moved to Townsville for work 2 years ago but get home every once in awhile as my dad still lives there.