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Hi from Cheltenham

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AndR3w, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. My new Yamaha R3 is being delivered today. I'm new to bikes at 40+ Expect I'll be taking it slow around the block for a while until I've built some confidence.

    It's great to be taking on something new and I'm looking forward to attending the Elwood ride training sessions.

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  2. welcome to Netrider and life on 2 wheels Andrew...Elwood is highly recommended! (y)
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  3. Welcome. Hope you enjoy, there seems to be a resurgence in up 40+ guys starting out. Stay safe
  4. welcome aboard :) slow and steady is a good way to start :)
  5. Welcome mate, the R3 is a nice bike too :D
  6. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  7. Welcome to NR...

    When you're ready to come down to Elwood and want someone to ride with you, just post here.

    Good choice of bike...

  8. +1

    Welcome AndR3wAndR3w
  9. Hello AndR3W, nice to meet you and welcome aboard. Like the wife says, be++er l@+e than never... which is odd - I don't even like late, I drink flat white....
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  10. Welcome Andrew,
  11. Howdy AndR3wAndR3w and welcome to NR. I like the way you worked R3 into your name. Clever! Happy riding. :happy:
  12. Welcome to NR.
    We must be getting close to having enough bikes for an R3 ride day now...
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  13. Thanks for the offer. I actually rode up to Elwood and back this evening along beach road and made home alive. Feeling quite proud of myself
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  14. All good...

    It's a good road for a lazy ride. Esp. During summer. ;)
  15. Good job mate! Welcome and ride safe.
  16. Welcome, neighbour.
  17. 6 months ago, at the age of 59 never been on a bike. 5000kms later i would ride anywhere. best advise i got was to ride 20-30 mins everyday around where you live.
    not the busy roads.not warrigal, not nepean hwy, not beach road. up and down the small ide streets. starting stopping. turning left and right.simple slow moving bike control. everyday. after a month but when yr ready venture out to the less busy roads. plan your route. dont think that every vehicle will kill you but they could. got luck have fun.
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