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Hi From Canberra

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BrooklynCrook, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Hey there, I'm a female rider from Canberra.
    Currently on my L's (take two), riding a Hyosung GT250r (you may have overtaken me doing 30kmh on the Cotter), I'm sorry about that - I'm slowly getting there.

    I rode dirt bikes all my life and haven't exactly 'embraced' road riding 100% yet, but I am learning to love it. Slowly.

    Keen to discuss cornering techniques, hear about good tracks to learn on (I love the run up to Corin Dam) and I'm also keen to talk about Beamers and Honda's, as I'm going to end up with one of the two.

    Happy to answer any questions about the Hyosung for people considering purchasing one...

    So yeah.
    What else...?

    I like to pretend I'm Casey Stoner. Sometimes I sing in my helmet until it gets foggy. And I like watching the bug guts wiggle off my visor when I go really fast.

    That's about it for now.

    Feel free to drop me a line.
  2. Hello Brooklyn

    I am in ACT area as well

    if your a ex dirtie and you ever consider a supermoto join the gang of hooligans in Canberra
  3. Hi Brooklyn, I just noticed your status update on the side panel and wondered who you were, now I know.

    I think this will become my new mantra.
    Technique is more important that speed. There's no use flying through a corner if you're going to look like a drunk pigeon.
  4. Haha - I think I say this to myself 200 times when I am on the road!
  5. It would be a heck of a lot easier, I have thought about it :) will definitely let you know if I do, the biggest reason I got a road bike was because I moved here from South Australia and don't know of any tracks about the place.
  6. Hi Brooklyn,
    I'm in Canberra too. I ride a Moto Guzzi Breva 750. You might like to look up the Canberra Riders forum as well.
  7. G'day...love how you pretend to be Casey, thats pretty cool, i think... :), say, dont worry about going fast to early in the game, think ur doing the right thing, hmmm Honda, BM, Honda, BM....... depends on the BM, BM is a great road bike these days however i still lean towards Honda purely due to its track history and development over the years. BM for a car, certainly all the way...cheers:)
  8. Love your quote..........
  9. howdy n welcome
  10. Id highly recommend doing the Stay Upright Advanced 1 riding course @ Eastern creek.

    You will learn a ton and your confidence will improve outta sight.
  11. lol welcome to netrider!

    shame about the Canberra thing...
  12. not for me its not :)
  13. Hey Mike! Nice ride :)
    Will do - I actualyl went on a ride with Canberra Riders a few years ago (2009ish?) when I first got my license, but I didn't end up going to any more... I didn't have much confidence back then on the bike and group rides terrified me!
    Will check it out :)
  14. I think we all have a bit of Casey in us, right? haha...
    I like the S1000rr, or the CBR600rr's... The CBR is probably better suited to me, but god BMW make sexy ass bikes! Plus they're fast, well built machines.... ahhhh, who cares, either one is going to crap all over the 250! I'm nowhere near ready for that yet though... I want a Gladius at the moment, something with a bit more power which I can de-restrict. I think I would get a few years out of a Gladius after I get my full license too.
    My motivation to sell the Hyosung is that A) It's a poorly made bike purely targeted at Learners who want to look 'cool' :whistle:, 8) it's gutless - it's about 170kg wet and something like 33hp and C) In hindsight, a much more upright bike would have made more sense. There's enough factors trying to learn to ride without learning in a racing position..... hmmmmmm! But, it's not worth much these days, so I figure I may as well run it into the ground a bit more. Plus I jsut put a new chain and clutch in the thing, so may as well geta bit out of those as well!

    Oooh, I'm rambling :X3:

    CIAO for now
  15. If It's any consolation I wasn't born here! HAHA. Ah, it's not so bad. :hilarious:
  16. Welcome to NR!

  17. Send a message to Alexanderino here on the forum - he has a Gladius up for sale
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  18. You could always buy a Moto Guzzi V7. It's a 750 and it's legal in Canberra for a learner. Plus there's a guy in Bungendore who's a world expert in Guzzi's
  19. welcome...eh, can u come to Brisbane?