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Hi from brisvegas

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by zaphius, May 17, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Just joined up as I'm working towards a first bike. Have been riding scooter with 50cc's of fire breathing fury for the past 6 month to get to and from work. Picked it up for a few hundred bucks from a friend as a cheap way to get to work and have decided I'll never go back to public transport for the commute.

    While the scooter is cheap and easy, and costs less than the train even including the private park in the city, the lack of power leaves me few options if I ever needed to get out of trouble. I'm currently riding it on a car license but have got a qride booked to get open RE and next step is a bike.

    I like the lightness of the scooter and the ability to filter through peak hour traffic, so the two bikes that seem to fit the bill are the kawasaki z300 and the ktm duke 390. Light and small mean more than power for me, I just want enough to start with to keep up with traffic and have a bit in reserve to have the option to accelerate out of trouble if necessary.

    looking forward to getting involved in the community too. Sorry for the long first post, I try to be a bit more concise in future.



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  2. G'day and welcome to NR Zaphius. I wouldn't be surprised if your daily commuter bike gets a ride or two out of the city on weekends before long...
  3. Welcome to NR. The time on the scooter will serve you well. At least you know its a bit of a jungle out there and how to handle it :)
  4. Welcome Zaphius.
  5. G'day zaphius, welcome to the site and hopefully some help with your decision.
  6. Welcome zaphius - you won't make a bad decision with those two bikes (I like the Duke 390 myself!)
  7. Whilst you're in the 300 territory, Honda are selling the CBR300R at the moment for ridiculous money ($4999 ride away) and Yamaha has just released the R3 which will be in shops in a few weeks. It looks brilliant. Options. :)
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome all. Looking forward to getting involved. No doubt the bug will bite and I'll be looking for more more more soon enough. For now just looking forward to having a clutch and more power than my lawnmower!
  9. welcome aboard :]