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Hi from Brissy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by grungenut, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Hello All

    Just thought I'd pop in and say Hi. I am from Brisbane and my ride is an 05 GSX1400. Hope to catch up with some of you out there on some of those awesome South East Queensland Roads.

  2. Hi there and welcome.
    Man, what a bike you have, if its the blue and white one. Any colour would suite me though :LOL:
  3. g'day steve welcome aboard mate :)

    is always plenty happening around :) coffee nights at milton Coffee Club friday nights. Breakky on the coast with Ward_4e. monthly rides organised by Muttly (thanks muttly:) )

    so just jump on in :cool:
  4. ELO..... welcome to the nut house! Your hereby invited to all netrider events you can get your bike too.. Breakfast is on this saturday, cc's is on frinday as balmy said and we are going for another muttly ride soon i figure...

  5. Welcome to the asylum.

    (shsssh.. there's an escape attempt friday night. I've got a torch and we can walk down the lightbeam to freedom from this 5th floor window. It'll be just like the yellow brick road. Dont tell the guards.....)
  6. wow - another brisbanite. it's goin' off up there! welcome aboard mate. sure that bikes big enough for you? :wink:
  7. yey! the more the merrier!!

    welcome, and enjoy!
  8. geez, i am sooooo glad that the gang was around to welcome all the new brisbane people while i was away.....

    hey there grungenut, welcome to us......look forward to seeing you around
  9. Hey, thanks for the warm welcome peoples. Hope to see you out on them there roads :cool:
  10. we'll be there somewhere....hehehe