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Hi from brissy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by justanotherAdam, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Im a fairly new rider, I've only been riding my new Suzuki GS500F for about 4 weeks or so, as I had been riding a Yamaha scooter for 18 months , and decided to finally get a bigger bike.

    Im on the northside of brissy (taigum) and keen to get out there and go for rides - missed the one last weekend, tho :(
  2. G'day maet

    Another GS500 rider joins the horde!

    Fun Ha!
  3. Welcome to Netrider!

    Hopefully catchya out on the next ride. :)
  4. Welcome in :)
  5. Damn, I was on a scooter (yamaha then aprilia) and migrated to a GS500F. Looks like I am just down the road too, I am in boondall.
  6. hey fellow gs'er
    iam at zillmere :cool: and kojihama is at taigum, and the forgotten is at bracken ridge

    northsiders are taking over lol
  7. Hello Justanotheradam. Nice to have you here. I'm at Runcorn, but I don't have a GS500. They're not a bad old thing though. Look after her and she'll look after you. Watch out for the muggles mate, they'll kill you if you let them. And have fun, alright? That's an order. If it's not fun, then what are we here for?
  8. Hi justa.... Welcome to the land of the living.. We re a bunch in Coffs if you ever down this way... Tripping this sat from Coffs to Grafton Casino Kyogle Uki to Ballina via Byron Bay.
  9. Welcome. Hoping you are still around on NR; Im from Chermside and other mates are from Wavell and Zillmere.

    We do Glorious/Nebo every sunday morning if you are keen for a run, shoot us a message :)

    Ride safe!
  10. Good day Justa... Welcome from Coffs. Enjoy the forum