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Hi From Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Maxine, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Hey All!! Yes ... Another Newbie from Brisvegas.

    I have been back on two wheels since June after WAY to many years in a car and am riding a 2006 Virago 250 - She is Beautiful!!! and I dont think I am in a hurry to go bigger - I am 5'2" and 60kg so couldnt handle anything tooo big anyways.

    I am SO MUCH looking forward to the Pink Ribbon Ride in Brisbane on Sunday - Any of you coming ?? Would love to meet!

    Take Care and Ride Safe

    Max :grin:
  2. Hey Max,

    Welcome, the guys here are incrediably friendly - look forward to seeing you on the road next time I'm down in Brisbane,


    E x
  3. hey max...

    nice choice btw... the virago is a great bike to ride. The pink ribbon ride... mmm not sure if i'm coming or not as i have to strip and clean my baby... ITS FILTHY!!!!

    but i have an open invite policy if you are coming down to surfers or southport give me a pm and i'll try my hardest to catch up.