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Hi from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Harryboy, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I am 36 and am returning to bikes after 10 years away. I am looking to buy something to ease back into it and have narrowed my search down to a 2000-2005 bmw f650gs, a 2005-2010 Suzuki v-strom 650, or a Kawasaki Klr 650. I will be mainly on road but the option of some light off road stuff appeals to me.
    If you have any opinion of these bikes(good or bad), or any reccomendations please let me know, or if you have any tips for buying used let me know also.
    Hopefully I'll be on the road soon and see some of you guys around brisbanes bayside.

  2. I reckon for most onroad, and little off road, the V is going to be the go. You may find the KLR cheaper though, and bang for buck its a pretty good bike.

    There is one BIG difference between the V and the BMW/KLR, and that is the engine. The V-Strom is a twin, which in my opinion makes it a better on road bike. However, I have ridden both the f650gs and the klr650 and both put a fcuken big smile on your face!! Dont write off the DR650 either, not as refined as the BMW and Kawaka 650's, but I own one and its a machine.
  3. Thanks mate, definitely food for thought
  4. Welcome to NR..