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Hi from Brisbane southside!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hongyi77, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am doing my Qride (AGAIN) next week to upgrade to a motorbike. Have been riding a 150cc scooter everyday to work, to dance classes, Maleny, Mount Mee, you name it. Finally taking step one, admitting to my addiction.

    Funny thing is my Qride instructor warned me that if I got addicted to riding, I will have to do Qride again (DOH!!). He was so right. I thought I was just going to commute but this turned out to be heaps of fun! Maybe this is all coming together, I never realised how much motorbiking has always been in my life. Dad rides, brother rides, had previous bfs that ride...nice to be in the driving seat though :p

    I am doing heaps of research on bikes and will be posting in the bike review forum for some advice.

    The forums have been a hoot to read, really funny and good advice to boot.

  2. Welcome to NR :)
  3. Welcome to the madness :)
  4. Wellllcome. :) And I'm a fellow southsider; the best type! Where are you doing your Q-Ride? Hope it's going well for you!
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    Southside rocks!!

    Going back to Pro Honda at Rocklea, they were so patient with me when I was learning the scooter cos I have never ridden before.

    Hope the changing gear thing is not going to be too bad. I will take as long as I need, rather be safe and their training is price-capped.

  6. Always good to see another Brisbane lady rider on board. Once you upgrade to a bike there will be no looking back to the scooter, and the addiction will just get more intense!
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  7. Welcome to NR! :D
  8. +1 to Ametha Elf, the addiction will build. Welcome to NetRider!
  9. welcome to the fun house it's full of evil clowns

    lol good luck it not that hard to learn how to change gears
    and seeing how no one has asked yet are you hot?
  10. Welcome to NR!

    You're not the only one who went to pro honda! The people there were fantastic for me as well. :)
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    Seems like this is what every girl gets asked in the forums?? Is this like an initiation....

  12. hello and welcome to another brissy rider!!!!
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  13. Welcome to another brissy lady rider....I also did my Q-ride at Pro-Honda. They were fantastic!!!!
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  14. Welcome and +1 for Pro Honda Rocklea. I'm doing my R upgrade in August - returning students get a discount :D
  15. Welcome to NR. (y)
  16. I swear to god I'm the only person who didn't have a good time with Pro. :/
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    Nice nice... :)

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    Hey? Which one did you go to?

  19. D they know you did enjoy your experience? They are very big on customer service I am sure they would want to know if they need to improve in some area. I would send them an email detailing your experience.

    Having said that we all have different learning and teaching styles and maybe there was a clash between yours and theirs.