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Hi from Brisbane/Ipswich

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by kevinnugent, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    Another newbie coming back to riding after many many years away.

    Just booked into next weeks Refresher and Qride at Top Riders at Springfield. Been this morning and bought the helmet and gloves. I had to dust and clean the cobwebs off my Dririder Apex jacket (which still had the tags on!).

    I have a holding deposit on a Piaggio MP3 250 which I will pick up after getting qualified (touch wood!).

    Looking forward to some group rides and enjoying like minded peoples company.

    Anyway, say hi if you get a chance. :)

  2. Welcome Kevin, join the ranks of many of us who rediscovered the joys of two wheels!
  3. Or, in this case three wheels! :). Thanks Paul. Good to be back.
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  4. Welcome Kevin, its not so much the number of wheels, but the fact that they lean!
    Cool bike I really like the innovative design.
    Does it even require R licence cos its auto?
  5. Great choice. These things are wicked to ride, especially in the wet. They just challenge all your preconceptions about riding. Could do with some weight off but a well engineered answer to a question nobody thought to ask.
  6. Hi Dougal,

    Yeah, it's still a R or a R-A for Automatic I'm told. I'm going to get an Auto license, as when/if I ever decide to buy a geared bike I'll update with another course then.

    Should be great fun. :)

    Thank the gods my qride day wasn't today! 40c here at the moment! Love the West but geez it's getting warm!
  7. welcome fellow westie! enjoy!

    I rode in to work in the cbd at 11am, i turned up in a not so elegant pile of sweat, very gross.
  8. Very excited today. Got the new toy home just now. Am having a mechanic friend of mine give it the twice over this afternoon to see what I need to do, and then the Armourall and Polish comes out!

    Everything on it looks great! To quote the great Phil Robertson: "Happy happy happy."

    Beware this Saturday, Joleda. 42 in the west. I think ill head to the beach. I have my qride on Sunday all day. Damned lucky it's only going to be 31. Urgh.
  9. have fun on your refresher and polishing up the new baby! Unfortunately I am working so no beach for me! if its too hot ill take the car!
  10. Hello and welcome, good luck with the Q Ride and three wheeled jigger :)
  11. Welcome. I'm from Western Brisbane, hope to see you out there some time.

    Keep an eye out for group rides in the ride announcements forum.
  12. Thanks mendosi, I'm really keen to get started on group rides. As soon as I get my legs. :)