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Hi from Bonny Hills

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by blinkus, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Just a simple hello,

    someone who hasn't been on a bike for 20yrs but has just started to enjoy the feeling of "just riding" and truly enjoying.
    So heres to a new my new friend (Kawaski 650r) and re-experiencing riding and taking in the learning of riding.


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  2. gday blinkusblinkus and welcome to NR - it's awesome getting back into riding isn't it?! well done!
  3. Thanks chilliman64chilliman64, I was a little nervous as it had been awhile, but after about 30seconds on I was like "I'm getting me a bike", and now that I have a bike I'm hooked again and can't wait to get out on the road.
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  4. it's the best feeling ever - people that don't ride just don't get it
  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Welcome to NR... And welcome back to the awesome world of bikes...
  7. thanks everyone,

    In 20yrs I've gone from speaking to locals about bikes to researching and conversing about bikes on the interwebs :)
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  8. It is a fabulous addiction

  9. mate post up a few pics of your 650 when you get a chance - here we love: talking about riding; looking at pics of places others rode to; looking at pics of what they rode; talking about coffee; talking crap; and, sometimes we actually go for a ride! but seriously, we love looking at pics.
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  10. ...and let me add...not just bike pics!

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  11. yep, get some coffee and cake pics in there also
  12. Yeh...but a few people objected to those.
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  13. you can't please all of the people all of the time
  14. Welcome to the forum
  15. hhmmm...... riding and coffee :)
    I'll get my ride a little more shinny first and post some pics.
    Was also just recently looking at some nice halo lights on these interwebs, they look awesome.
  16. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.

  17. Hey Blinkus, well done on taking your first step to therapy.
    These damn things with two wheels are so addictive ! :p
  18. Howdy blinkusblinkus - and you won't look back... You'll prob wonder why you didn't get back on a bike sooner!

    Well done on your new baby and as others have said... Piccies are the order of the day :)