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Hi from Bentleigh

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nin, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. A big net hug and hello to everyone :)

    I have been a voyeur in the forum for over a month and have done many hours of reading and following coffee convo's. Enjoyed some convo’s and been offended with others.

    I live in Bentleigh, work CBD.

    The reason I am saying hi is I would like to join up with the SouthBank Friday coffee sessions, and as I'm new to the tar on two motorised wheels, I need someone to hold my hand. However I have noted I need to have posted 15 posts prior to being enabled for direct contact to individuals.

    I would like to front up in a couple of Fridays - without my zzr250 and just socialise a bit meet a few people and hopefully arrange a buddy, or please contact me.

    I look forward to a new diverse social industry.
  2. Welcome. Jump in, the water is fine.
    I'm sure you wont be shot for just turning up without your bike.
  3. Hi and welcome to the forums. :)
  4. hey there, welcome to the forums. cant help you with company since i live in brissie. but i reckon the guys round your way are as understanding as the brissie crew were for me.

    i had my bike, but was driving to coffee meets for nearly six months before i got the courage to ride (for me it involves commuting in to work in the morning then joining peak hour traffic to get to the meet). no-one at all made me feel uncomfortable about the fact that i wasn't riding.

    i reckon it's just as good to be there. when you don't feel too sure about getting there and getting home again it makes it easier to meet everyone. and i'm sure you'll find someone there who will be able to buddy you around until you are more confident.

    (and if they aren't that understanding, feel free to move to qld :p )
  5. Welcome to the Funny Farm Nin :cool:
  6. Welcome, Nin :)

    I can't get into Fri coffee this week either, but if you haven't been dragged in by anyone else, send me a PM. Just welcome a few others to get your posts up :wink:
  7. just rock up and say g'day, just watch out for Loz :wink:
  8. Welcome to the forum, :biker: