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Hi from Bendigo

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Skrotus, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hey all, been reading over these forums for a while now and thought I'd sign up and introduce myself. My name is Toby, I'm 27 and from Bendigo in central Victoria.

    I got my learners back in November but wasn't able to purchase a bike until mid March which was pretty unfortunate because I'm having to relearn the stuff I picked up on the learner course. I've never driven a car, and while I've been riding around for about a month now, I'm still very shy about riding in traffic. Wishing I was still living in Melbourne so I could attend the Saturday morning learner practice! Anyway I have a 2007 Hyosung GV250 (yes I'm aware of the rep hyosung seem to have on these forums, I like it anyway shhh).

    Did my learners at DECA with a friend and we'll hopefully be going for our licenses with them in June if I can get a bit more confident about my riding by then.
  2. Best city in the country! And you've got a completely different type landscape to explore in each direction of the compass. Welcome! At some point I'm going to ditch this dirty cesspit and join you....
  3. Being in Bendigo I don't blame you, the main street still makes me nervous (especially on Friday/Saturday nights when all the bogans crawl out from under their rocks).

    Is some nice roads in the area though. My favourite is the one running south out of Strathfieldsaye into Harcourt.

    Oh and welcome to NR.
  4. Hiya Toby. Well done. The Saturday morning learners is well worth the trip if you can manage it sometime. Plus you get to meet some new folk. Look forward to riding with you some time
  5. Welcome to Netrider, Toby :)

    get out there and practice, practice, practice!!!
  6. hi scrotum! i mean... skrotus!

    welcome to NR :)
  7. Hi Toby and welcome to NR.

    If you can't get to Sat morning practice try puting your name down in the mentoring thread and see if there isn't someone in Bendigo who may be able to give you a bit of one on one assistance.
  8. Hi Toby, I'm about 30 minutes south of you in Castlemaine *waves*