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Hi from Bayside Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TopXSR, May 15, 2016.

  1. I've been riding on and off for many years now, however following a health scare last year, I have a lot more time available to ride now :) I've got two road bikes - a Honda CB650F and a Yamaha XSR900 - plus a Suzuki quad bike and a few "postie" bikes. I enjoy solo riding, however usually ride with two mates, mainly around Bayside Brisbane (north & south), with a few trips to the hills and country to mix it up a bit. Love bikes and love riding, so I am looking forward to sharing this passion with other riders. Ride safely & have fun :cool:

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  2. gday TopXSRTopXSR welcome to NR - plenty of members here based in Brisvegas and Goldie so you should be able to hook up for a ride or two.

    here's the Qld section of the Ride Events forum QLD
  3. Howdy and welcome to NR TopXSRTopXSR . Sorry to hear about the health scare, but it sounds like you are doing yourself the world of good but using your extra time riding! :happy:
  4. Many thanks for that Goldenberri. Yeah, all good now, thanks to having a Doctor as a next-door neighbour & the magic of modern medicine. Love your avatar! I must get an action shot one day :)
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  5. Many thanks for that chilliman64. That is awesome & much appreciated! I do need to broaden my riding group as I learn so much from every rider I meet.
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  6. Thank you TopXSRTopXSR and it will be great to see an action shot of you hopefully in the not too distant future. Don't forget to share some in the 'photo's from your ride' thread. I'm sure you have a few contributions to make and hope to see some pics of your bikes soon.
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  7. Will do Goldenberri. I need to conscript a photographer with patience to get the action shot, as it could be a long process. :)
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  8. Welcome to NR...

    We all love bikes here... :D

    How's the XSR going? I've seen one in the flesh and it does look good...
  9. Welcome to the forum mate
  10. Hi Lazy Libran. I only picked it up from Caboolture Yamaha on Friday, however so far I am really impressed. I am trying to break it in properly, however it just wants to go (or maybe I'm to blame :)).

    It is an amazing bike to look at & even more amazing to ride, so if you do get the chance, I highly recommend a test ride. :cool:
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  11. Many thanks GeorgeO. Great to be part of a group that loves bikes too :)
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  12. By the way - if you want to include someone's name - use a @ sign before typing the name TopXSRTopXSR - while typing it should give you a few user names to choose from
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  13. Many thanks for that :)
  14. Welcome and soooo jealous xsr900....
  15. Many thanks BerekBerek. It is beautiful, but every motorbike is a joy to ride. As long as we are mobile, it is a thrill (very "zen", I know) :)
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  16. Welcome TopXSRTopXSR :cool:

    Do the posties get regular rides? Been going to help my brother restore a couple for the fun of it :)
  17. Not enough 69SIM69SIM , but I do love getting them out. I've had one for a couple of years, just to do short runs for coffee. My wife made the mistake of saying she might get her bike licence, so I bought another one (12/12 build - last production month of CT110) for her to ride. Then I started looking on-line at modifications, so I bought a 3rd one to modify. They're all registered, so I try to alternate riding them. My dream is a big ride to somewhere remote in Australia for the "big" adventure. Not sure I'd do it solo, so I have to find someone/s equally crazy :D
    To me they are the simplest form of motorised transport & I just love messing with them (my kids call me the "crazy old man").
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  18. well you're in the right place here then because we love to enable!
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  19. Ha, Ha!! chilliman64chilliman64 The last thing my kids would want is someone encouraging me. I think they're worried that madness is contagious. :p
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  20. it's hereditary isn't it? kids give it their parents...