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Hi From Barkbusters

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Barkbusters Handguards, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Hello Netriders,

    Michael Jobson from Rideworx, Im the newest memeber of the Barkbusters team.

    I am happy to provide advice for any of our products if asked and I'd also like to become an active memeber of this forum.

    To the Mods, I dont plan on advertising or pushing our product only providing fitment advice (or anything else I know) if asked.

    Personally, I'm a young bloke thats grown up around bikes my whole life and I ride an RD350LC.

    Nice to meet you all [​IMG]
  2. hey i like your bike
  3. Welcome along, it's always good to have people here with specific expertise
  4. Welcome...

    Perfect Timing... I'm wanting Barkbusters... so we need a Netrider Discount Coupon when you become a Vendor :)
  5. My neighbors dog won't shut the fudge up. Can you guys help?
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  6. I can suggest a few things.... none of which would be legal.... sorry
  7. Welcome to Nutrider! :wacky:
  8. welcome aboard :]
  9. Hi ya
    By the way....the neighbour's dog is fine it's the kids that are feral...any ideas to shut them up???? :)
  10. Barf at them!
  11. Try leaving bits of drugged meat around :wacky:
  12. Treat them like a feral dog instead of leaving bits of drugged meat around throw some drugged candy down :wacky:
  13. No way! Why give good drugs to the dogs when you can take them yourself! :roflmao:
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