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Hi from another ST1100A owner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by alan55, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. I'm Alan, I have a partner named Heather, we live in Peterborough SA and have done so since September 2010. It's an old railway town and if you're travelling by anything via Broken Hill to Port Augusta and beyond you have to come through here. We all ways see a couple bikes a week travelling through town.

    My ST is a blue 1999 1100ABS bought used from a 45 year old lady from Bendigo who had it for five years. The bike had 11500 kms on the clock and was never ridden in the wet when I got it in May 2006. Now it has 135000 on the clock and used all most everyday of the week.

    From March 2007 until October 2010 I've crossed the Nullarbor at least four times in each direction while I was working away from home. And probably three trips from Karratha to Perth and back to visit my sister (3200 Kms return) So, it's done some K's and no major issues with the bike.

    Over the years I've had a few 250cc bikes, the best of them was a Suzuki GSX250. After a few years without a bike I bought a fairly well used Honda 250N followed by a CX500Turbo which had generator issues. I've had a Honda 750DOHC K model before getting a basic CX500 and currently the ST1100A which is a bike I wanted ever since it was released back in 1990

    I haven't done much to the bike in the way of modifications. I replaced the windscreen to a taller one as the old screen had faded with the heat at Karratha (so have some panels) and the seat cover cracked as well, which was replaced when I moved back to SA with a GEL seat bought from the states. I had RJays top box on the cX and added that to my ST when I found an OE rack in England. Oh! I added driving lights for the back blocks of WA for the few times I needed to ride at night. Hitting a bull or roo is not my idea of fun.

    At the moment I use a Vista throttle lock but would gladly have a proper cruise control and I use a portable GPS mounted on the fake tank.

    We've all ways ridden on our own and don't belong to any clubs. We thought about the Ulysses Club but the few ride calendars we saw mostly involved visiting a hotel or two. If you drink, it's fine, if you don't it's off putting.

    In December I joined the OzStoc group which is an Australian group for Honda ST1100 and ST1300.
  2. I forgot to add a picture so here's two.


    and with trailer attached at Port Pirie, SA

  3. Welcome :)
  4. all rigged up there Alan, read your initial opener, you dont muck around with the riding do you :)
    Trailer hold all the gear to setup an overnite 'room'? does it 'push' on the bike and I am gathering elec brakes on trailer to ease the pressure off the bike?
  5. Hi Goddie,

    The trailer is about twenty years old and doesn't have brakes. That being the case, allowing a little extra stopping distance isn't a problem and not forgetting the linked braking system on the bike as well. Most of the time you hardly notice the trailer anyway.

    Some of the new Classic trailers have overide hydraulic brakes fitted either as standard or optional. All I've done to the trailer is update all the lights to LED's.

    As for riding, we haven't really done to much since November 2010 except for local running around and still managed 20,000kms.