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Hi from another new forum member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by houls, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Hey guys whats up?? I have recently joined this fantastic site. I can say that i have found a lot of useful information so i thank you for that. I've ridden bikes all my life (mainly dirt & trail bikes) back home in vic until a couple of years ago when i made the move to the gold coast. Since then i have made the switch to the road and so far am loving it.

    I have just put a deposit down on a new pocket rocket. Its getting its safety certificate completed at the moment so i can hopefully take ownership on thursday :grin: .

    Its an 04 CBR600RR, totally stock :wink: with 6400kms on the dial.

    can't post pics yet

    Its been great reading about other people's experiences (both good and bad :eek: ) and i look forward to becoming a part of the net rider community.

    cheers :driver:

  2. welcome ! :biker:
  3. Hi from Melbourne. Welcome to the forums.
  4. Welcome to the forums .. :grin:
  5. Hiya houls, hopefuly you'll meet a few of us Queensland based netriders on a ride, or maybe at Ward_4e's breakfasts

  6. Hey houls, welcome and Ill bet ya 600 howls. have fun!
  7. hiya houls. welcome aboard mate.

    great new ride you got there! my fave colour for them!

    hopefully you can come along to a few rides and events that go on around brissy and surrounds.

    Friday night coffee at milton Coffee Club
    Breakky at Ward_4e's
    and random rides that we all get upto. check out the other states rides and events section in the forum mate :)
  8. Welcome; hang around, learn and share :).
  9. Welcome aboard.
  10. Oooh, very nice! Welcome Houls :grin:
  11. thanks for the warm welcome guys. i will hopefully be seeing some of you fellow Gold Coaster's on a ride soon.

  12. welcome....and i see that once again mutts has beaten me to adding the relevant threads.

    look forward to meeting you around.

  13. Hey there houls Welcome hope to see you around :grin: