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Hi from an old(ish) newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gromit, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. Hi everyone. I'm a long-term lurker here but a first-time poster.

    I figured I'm finally qualified to post because (drumroll) this morning I bought my first bike. At the ripe old age of nearly 44.

    If anyone says "another guy having his midlife crisis" I'm outta here... :LOL:

    The bike? It's a low-mileage Across (yes, I know, I know!). Teal, with a pipe. I pick it up on Thursday (5 sleeps!).

    So anyway, hello and all that. Nice to meetcha.

  2. Hi and welcome Gromit, and congrats on the bike. Oh, sorry, you said Across.... :p Whatever, you'll get over it... You must have known that purchasing an Across only gives others' license to hassle you eh?

    Never too old to start me thinks..... They guy who bought my Virago was 50!!!! :p
  3. Heya!! And welcome aboard!!

    :D :D :D
  4. Wlecome, whippersnapper.
  5. hey welcome
    this is starting to get a bit spooky

    gromit , across , midlife crisis, melbourne

    groberts, across, midlife crisis, melbourne :LOL:

    Do you like coffee?
    where in melbourne ?

    anyway dont forget to look in the ride section at the friday night coffee sticky post at the top .

    another across (where taking over the world ) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    anyway its a good crew dont be a stranger
    anything you need to know about the across , drop me a line or 0412214612
    i will put you onto some across forums also if you are interested.
  6. G'day Gromit!!! Welcome!!

    So are you getting back into bikes after an extended break or is this your foray?
  7. My first toe in the water of bike ownership.

    But I've been interested in bikes for years (I dragged my long-suffering grandmother to see "On Any Sunday" and "ElectraGlide in Blue" at the movies when they were first-runs - back in the Early Cretaceous).

    I've had mates who were from biking families, so I've been around bikes on and off for ages. But I was really into cars myself, and then when I got older and started a family I didn't have any spare cash. And I didn't have time for an interest beyond home and work.

    But over the past few years the bug's been biting so I eventually had to scratch the itch!

    Oh - I live in Burwood, by the way.
  8. Hi Gromet and welcome to the forum :)