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Hi from Adelaide (riding my lime green ninja 250)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mr Ninja 250r, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone

    Got my lime green 09 ninja on wednesday and absolutely loving it!.

    it would be great if you could share some hints and tips on cleaining your bike. Wanna make sure the bike stays in its immaculate conditions as when i first bought it.

    also, any recommendations on the types of exhausts for the 250 ninjas?


  2. Thanks for that Chris,
  3. Hey man, welcome!

    If you're after an exhaust have a look at Yoshimura Slip Ons, probs by far the best looking/sounding/quality slip on exhaust imo.
  4. Thanks for that, do you rate 'two brothers exhausts'? is there a dealer in SA to get a yoshimura? a slip on will make an alright noise? wont it?
  5. Welcome to NR :)
  6. yes - very highly, these cans have an epic sounds on most bikes
  7. Yeah two brothers are pretty good but my mechanic was saying he's had a lot of trouble recently with them having been defective, resulting in the exhaust melting so he kinda steered me clear of those. On a 250 you really only need a slip on as the performance benefits are non existent for a slip on or even a full system, its just purely for sound/looks.
  8. Which of course is very important :D
  9. you know it! :p just hope that if you drop your bike, you drop it on the other side hahah!
  10. Welcome Mr Ninja! :] I dont know much about motorcycles sorry, I am going to learn along the way from the other learned people in the forums. ;)
  11. I've just had a Yoshimura TRC Carbon slip-on fitted to my 2010 Ninja 250R. With the silencer removed it sounds a treat while idling and through the gears. Nice deep rumble at idle.
    Although I have to admit, like other 250's with exhausts, it sounds a bit like a wet fart :busting: especially in the lower gears. However much better than stock and helps me be noticed by drivers.
  12. haha jackson, a wet fart.. sounds like fun!

    where did you get it fitted or did your order it and fit the exhaust your self?

    can you provide a estimate range in a $ amount to get one of the yoshis?
  13. roadrash, the best way is to learn from other peoples experiences and knowledge :)

  14. I ordered mine at the time of purchasing the bike at Bikebiz.
    The slip-on was $665 and they installed it for free.

    From the reading I've done, it's a simple job and you can probably even find some video guides on YouTube showing you how it's done.

    Yoshi recommend rejetting but from what I've read and the advice Bikebiz gave me, it wasn't essential so I haven't had mine rejected. I got the occasional 'popping' sounds on deceleration - not sure if this is an issue.. ?