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Hi From Adelaide - New Bike Owner/Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jnr46, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Thought I'd say g'day. I've been reading these forums for a couple of months now, learning as much as I can. Last week I bought an immaculate NSR150SP with 10k kms on the clock and it's currently on a freight truck from VIC to SA. I've got my Learners booked in for mid this month and can't wait to jump on the bike when i'm licensed.

    One of the main reasons I decided to get into riding is because my twin brother rides (he's got a street fighter ZX7R and a 2006 model ZX10) and I thought it'd be a great way for him and I to 'bond' a little and spend more time together..I'm a bit of a late bloomer at 27, but hey - better late than never. It's probably better that I did start later in life (than say 18-19) because i'm a lot more sensible now and have the $ to buy the very best riding gear - something I prob would have skimped on for the sake of a better (faster) bike, back then!

    Anyway, hope to learn a lot more about bikes and riding in the months (and hopefully years) to come!

  2. Welcome to NetRider m8t

    Its never too late, l recently got my learners and bike and i'm 31. Your right about being a little more wiser than if you were 18 - l totally agree with you: got your head screwed on a little tighter. . . . .

    Safe Riding

    Cheers Phillip
  3. Welcome fellow Adelaidian !!

    Where are you doing your course next week - Oaklands Park? I know a couple of others doing their L's there mid next week.
  4. Welcome Aboard Scott !
    Late bloomer ? :? 27 ? :LOL:
    You got here 20 years before me, ENJOY mate
  5. Welcome, Scott. It's not WHEN you start to ride, it starting that matters. My twin and I both bought bikes the same week, living 500 kms apart, without ever having discussed it, when we were 25 years old!
  6. Hey Scott,

    When are you doing your L's? I'm going for mine next week, on the same course as a good friend. Scared I'm going to fail, drop the bike or something equally as stupid...would never live it down, would I, Wayback?

    We should organise a newbies ride once we're all licensed, would be cool to meet some others in Adelaide.

  7. Hey Catie!

    I've got mine booked in for 22/23rd July at St Agnes (told the boss I needed time off work for an appointment for some tests...it's not a lie - I have an appointment for the RiderSafe course and at the end of it there's a test! hehe)

    Oh and don't panic I've done the learner's course before (ran out so having to do it again) and it really is geared toward someone who's never even sat on a bike before, so at the risk of sounding condescneding, you'll be fine).

    and yes good idea - we'll use these forums to organise a meet where we can all ride at a snails pace - that's my biggest worry about going out with my bro and his mates - the feeling that i'll be slowing them down (they're all experienced riders and ride Litre bikes)..
  8. Snail's pace sounds good! Won't be allowed to go fast when friend and I go out with Dad anyway - number one rule is no overtaking him, number two he's allowed to carry a big stick in case we forget rule number one...

    Isn't that right, Dad? :)
  9. you dad sounds scary!
  10. Oh yeah, he's terrifying... :p
  11. overtake? ..... you've gotta catch me first :twisted:

    ..... and I've been called a lot of things, but 'terrifying' is not one of them :LOL:
  12. Catch up? Pfft. Wouldn't have been an issue if you hadn't gone and dang upgraded your bike :) Was all in planning, wasn't it? Upgrade yours at the same time I buy one, so there's no fear of being overshadowed by your daughter...
  13. wonder what I have to do to get my dad into riding..now THAT would be a cool father/son bonding activity.

    actually, I probably should just worry about telling him and the old lady I bought a bike! no tlooking forward to that one..
  14. Hi Scott,

    Welcome to the world of biking and to the Netrider forums! It's always good to see some other Adelaidian around the place, and learner's are more than welcome on our group rides.
  15. Just a tip Scott, try telling your parents separately (father first). I'll bet most fathers would be busting to get back on a bike again !!

    You might be surprised at the response you get and you may have a new member of your pack to ride with :p
  16. Bet you were surprised with the response you got from making us watch MotoGP... :p
  17. you're an optimist, I like it! I'm a realist however and I foresee tears in my mother's eyes when I tell her..

    the old man will show his disapproval by going quiet and saying nothing at all. ah, fun times ahead.

    the old lady actually made my brother move out of home (or the option to sell the bike) when he rocked up with one at home when we were 19..he left with the bike!

    Lucky for me I moved out a few months ago :)
  18. welcome, fellow Adelaideians
  19. hey luke, thanks. my brother has a ZX10 with a few mods (PC ECU, sprockets, full system etc.) and by GOD is it quick - he took me on the back a while back and was giving it no more than 1/3rd to 1/2 throttle and I was freaking out like a b*tch hehe.
  20. yes they are fast, i've not done much to mine (yet) for more performance coz its still way faster than I am.

    It was also the butt-clenching first ride on the back of my mates '05 10r, that made me get one.