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Hi from Adelaide (Craigmore)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by StevoSA, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Although I pretty much grew up on bikes (riding dirt bikes from 10 years old), and have had road bikes for most of my adult life, I haven't ridden for a few years.

    Anyway, I recently picked up an 06 CBR1000RR for a bargain. I bought the bike from interstate and it is currently unregistered, so I have to take it down to Regency for an ID check before I can make it legal to ride on the road.

    My plan is to have it inspected during the second week of October. Once registered, I'll be using it for weekend fun around the Barossa and Chain of Ponds, etc.

    I'll be looking to hook up with peeps for rides so if anyone is keen, let me know and we can meet up.
  2. Welcome!
    Good to see another SA member on board.

    Always like getting out for a weekend ride when time permits. Currently on a VTR250 and have just bought an R6 for my full license in Dec. I've got a few friends that ride so always good to add another to ride with. Goldnine and DevilRR are locals as well :)
  3. Welcome aboard stevo.
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    Welcome to NR , Stevo ! I'm out on the bike most weekends but I hail from the opposite side of town to you , but I'll often be at the Cudlee Creek Café on a Sunday for brunch with my mate's.
    RRdevil and I get out for a spin occasionally when we can align our rosters but that's usually a weekday thing.
    There's a looong weekend trip to Jindabyne for a multi state Netrider get together next March in case you're interested too.
  5. Welcome Steveo, good to see the SA contingent growing.

    I thought you were having me on Goldnine, and had to go look it up. "Cuddly" Creek. :ROFLMAO: Is it near Sugerplum Gorge and Honeycomb Hill. ;) I have ridden that road but always thought it was all The Gorge Road. The ignorance of me as a non local.
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    Haha , yes it is all Gorge Rd , Chris ; but it does indeed pass through the little location of Cudlee Creek. It's one of "the" Adelaide Hills motorcycle hangouts , along with the Amberlight in Lobethal and a few others.

    edit : but there is a Montacute Rd (my favourite)
  7. Welcome back to bikes...and of course to the NR forums.

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  8. Here's a pic of my bike - ready for the ID check.


    I cannot wait much longer to take her out for a spin 8-|
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