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Hi from a total Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jaspersmum, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hi my name is Carmel and I've been lurking on the forums for a while now reading everyones posts and learning heaps as I"m doing this by myself.

    Earlier this year I had a bit of a mid life crisis/brain snap and went and got my l's and I finally got my bike on the weekend - 1995 Honda CB250 a good learners bike for me - just have to sort out one problem and then I will hit the road (well not literally).

    I hope not to post up too many dumb questions but I'm sure that there will be a few

  2. hello Carmel, and welcome to Netrider.

    mid-life crisis


    who cares as long as it got you onto two wheels?
  3. Ah, a fellow CB250 owner....embarrassing isn't it!!

    You're right, it is a good bike to learn on & pretty forgiving. Found it easy to get my P's on it. Thanks CB for all your hard work & patience, but wanting a big kid bike now!!!
  4. Hi Carmel, welcome to NR, as you can see by reading through here, we tend to poke fun at each other, the cb250 has been known to be a great learner bike!! I wouldnt be seen dead riding one though lol I am kidding!!
    Now get yourself down to sat morning practise sessions !! If you need an escort in we can help you with that too
  5. Welcome Carmel!
  6. Thanks for the welcome. Goddie I would love to take you up on the escort to the sessions but until the cat showing season fiinishes in two weeks time(yes I am a mad cat person and proud of it) my time is pretty taken up with my furkids, but just wait until then and I'm off, LOL.
  7. Well we have Aly who shows dogs and comes in from over Doreen way, we have a couple of people in the Craigieburn region, I am happy to meet up at DFO essendon if you like, but when you are ready just let us know :)
  8. I hate cats. There so much like woman. I hate woman....there so much like cats.
    Ha ha welcome anyway. Good choice on the Cibby. Have you named it yet???
  9. No it is not named. At the moment it is the bloody red thing that is sitting under my back verandah cause I can't unlock the petrol cap and I'm not willing to take it anywhere cause sooner or later it will run out of fuel and I can't refill the damn thing . Am waiting to hear back from the guy that I bought it from to see if he can assist otherwise its a locksmith that can work on bikes - more money (sigh).
  10. ahem dog show people aren't the same as cat show people....they have murders at cat shows but I bet we have more queens!

    Welcome Carmel!
  11. Welcome Carmel, You say you're from Roxburgh Park but you don't know how to pick a lock on your fuel tank.:confused:
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  12. No, never learnt that skill in school, LOL. Maybe I need one of the locals to "unpick" it without knocking it off.

    Hi Aly, you probably do have more queens at your shows but we have our right fair share of bitches and they aren't of the four legged variety either.
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  13. so Carmel, doesnt your ignition key unlock the petrol cap? normally you need to push down on the cap for it to release? springloaded caps..
  14. Hi Goddie
    I'm a nuff nuff when it comes toany mechanical stuff but figured(with help from my sister in QLD who has bikes) that normally it would do it but in this case the key won't move in the lock. When I bought the bike the ignition had to be replaced so I have new keys for the ignition but have a seperate key for the petrol tank. My girlfriends husband has had a go at it as well and he has far more strength in his wrists that I do and he couldn't get it to move.
    I've spoken to the guy (well his offsider) where the bike came from and they are looking into a locksmith for me, problem is the bike will have to be trailered to them as I am so not confident enough to take it onto the highway (they are at Kilmore) and also I don't know how much fuel is in the tank.
  15. so does the cap have a key? If it does, do you have it? If you do, have you tried slotting the key in, and while pressing down gently on the cap turn the key to 'release' the lock so that you can lift the cap up? Did the bike [and no laughing from the side lines] come with a manual?

    does yours look like this on the link

    http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/Honda/honda_cb250_hornet 96.htm
  16. Hi Goddie

    I do have the key and I've tried what you suggested and it didn't work, so I will be playing the waiting game.

    No manual came with the bike and I didn't expect one either given the age of the bike its a 1995 model and I wish it looked like the one in those pictures but I made a concsious decision to buy an older bike for my first bike.
  17. Hi there Carmel- goodluck getting it all sorted.
    Looking forward to meeting you sometime soon (saturday practice is well worth the trip).
    Great to have more girls on board :)

  18. Welcome to the forums
    You are welcome to post dumb questions so long as they have not been asked countless time so please acquaint yourself to the search and the stickies as they are wealth of information.
  19. If it's a 95 model the key cut code will be underneath the tank just near the fuel line pick up.
    Undo the two bolts at the front and one at the back under the seat.
    Lift the tank. Watch your fuel line here. If there is not enough slack to look under the tank you might have to remove that as well. You will need a pair of pliers as it's a squeeze clamp. And a golf tee or something similar to block the fuel line.
    Wrtie down the four digits and take them to a locksmith. A basic key cut is around $20
  20. Wow that's quite a long name ! Welcome to posting on NR :)