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Hi from a Sydney Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pug, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Howdy Netriders,
    I've been browsing this site for several weeks now and after putting the deposit on a bike today, though it was time to say hi. I'm completely new to riding - it's taken me almost forty years to throw my leg over a bike for the very first time only this week. In a few days I take delivery of my first ever bike and I'm pumped!
    Really impressed by the general attitude of the members of this site. Looking forward to maybe making some friends and learning more about this new world I'm entering. Safe riding folks.

  2. Hi Pug,
    welcome to the best part of life

    Make sure you get out to the coffee meets and rides the membership are a friendly bunch
  3. Hey Pug,

    welcome to net rider and to riding. I'm a relatively new member as well. I got my bike a while back. Loving it. Hope you have fun.

    Where in sydney are you?

  4. Thanks for the welcome. I'm in the west. Got my bike on Tuesday and it's hard to stay away from it. It's been especially hard to go to work and leave it behind. Thought long and hard about pulling a few sickies.
  5. Stop thinking :LOL:


  6. Where in the west?
    I'm up for a ride around teh burbs and can even hop back on the Across since I haven't sold it yet.
  7. I'm in Smithfield. I'm definitely looking for people to ride with as none of my mates ride. Trying to get my wife interested but she doesn't seem that keen and she has some vison problems which might make riding unacceptably unsafe. WIll be 12+ months til she can ride as a pillion.
    Went for a longer ride down to Oran Park on Saturday whcih was good. Didn't make too many embarassing mistakes. Haven't been able to push my bike too hard though as I'm still breaking it in (now has 230ks on it )and being a Suzuki Intruder, it doesn't have a lot of power at the best of times. I'm happy with the bike though as it's easy for a learner.