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Hi from a noob.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bignik, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Hi all,got my license last weekend and wife bought me a cbf250 to practise on.Am in love with riding already and hungry for knowledge,tips and convo about bikes.

  2. Also I'm in MLB aus.
  3. And have no internet skills.
  4. welcome fellow newbie rider, how good is it out on two wheels?, dunno why it took me so long to do it.
  5. LOL - Don't sell yourself short, mate. You managed to post 3 times in 2 minutes. That's pretty good for a beginner.

    Welcome aboard, Nik.
  6. bad internet skills can't hurt you; make sure you get your RIDING skills up, major priority!

    and welcome :)
  7. Thanks,yeh mate it is great,find it hard to stop riding am still practising my skills around local area.Agreed dont know why it took so long
  8. Thanks for the welcome and that is exactly what I am doing,practising my skills in local area even practising emergency stops in deserted area.Can't get enough at moment.
  9. welcome to NR bignik, get yourself down to sat morn prac sessions, we get together at beach rd, right behind the BP servo next to St Kilda marina from 10 am every sat morn rain hail or shine, keep your eye out for the sat morn prac thread, if you want to follow someone in, advised/ask for assistance. Always people willing to help newbees in to these sessions.
  10. Hi Bignik and wlecome to NR
  11. Thanks will check it out when I get a Saturday off work
  12. Thanks for all the welcomes am sure I'll annoy you all with silly questions.like how do I position my mirrors on my cbf250 so that they are usable or do I need different ones as all I see is my sleeves?