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Hi from a Ninja-to-be!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Green Eggs, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Hey netriders, new guy from Melbourne here, Graham's the name.
    Been reading a lot on this site over the past few weeks ever since I got the idea of motorcycling stuck in my head!

    Got my learner permit this afternoon in the heat, and tomorrow I'll be picking my new bike up. A 2010 Ninja 250R in special edition green :grin:

    Tomorrow was the earliest my bike was available to pick up, so the timing couldn't have been better. The wait has been killing me already, so I'm glad it's almost over!

    Thought I'd join up here because this seems like a helpful community and it'd be great to meet a bunch of people to ride with, especially since none of my friends ride.

    Look forward to seeing some of you at a Tuesday night L ride soon hopefully!


  2. welcome!! What suburb are you in.
  3. Thanks, I'm in Malvern just near the Monash.
  4. you coming on the ride tonight?
  5. I won't be there tonight, maybe next week though. Probably good to get used to my bike a bit more before going on a group ride.

    Had a ball bringing it home from the city today though and experienced a lot of the crazy stuff the road can throw at you!
    Stopped mid intersection for a fire truck to go through, had taxi's U-turning, crazy pedestrians (one lady was just charging through the middle of a T intersection with a PRAM against the lights and almost into us moving traffic), as well as roadworks, stop start traffic, hill starts, and a truck trying to take me out for good measure!

    Good fun though, especially getting some speed up and curving along by the yarra. Hot out there though, I'm looking forward to going somewhere maybe later tonight when it gets cooler and the traffic is out of the way.

    Need to work on hill starts too!
  6. welcome to your new life :)
  7. Hi and welcome to NR