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Hi From "a newbie in the making" living in Melbour

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by LizzyM, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Thought I'd take Rossi Ricks advice and intro myself here... in the process of getting my L's and finding a bike to move myself out of a car onto something that brings a smile to my dial, riding a bike.
    Mind, I have only experienced being a pillion (ride occasionally with GreyBM) and I find that exhilarating so thought I should do something about it.
    Currently looking at CB250's, and a few cruisers (as I am height challenged 4 ft 11in). Been reading up on the ones that catch my eye and hopefully can afford! LOL
    Also checking out the forums for comments/opinions regarding bikes that might suit.
    Any advice you can offer a potential newbie will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks! :grin:
  2. Re: Hi From "a newbie in the making" living in Mel

    Don't date men with large heads.

    Welcome from a fellow n00b
  3. Welcome Lizzy

    welcome to NR
    good luck on getting your learners

    wow 4ft 11in!!
    my best friend and riding buddy thought she had trouble at 5ft
    she rides an intruder cruiser but really enjoyed riding the little CB's I think they were at her licence courses so is looking for one of those for her commuting.

    Try the bikes out while doing your course and see how they fit with you and go from there.

  4. G'day,hello,welcome. :wink:
  5. hi and welcoem to Nr

    i only got my L's lsat friday but havent gotten on a bike yet but i will get there sooner or later lol
  6. Welcome Aboard Lizzy ! :biker:
    The CB250's are a good reliable bike, however look around at others, most can be lowered and/or have the seat shaved to assist.
    The Yamaha Virago is a cruiser that has a low seat height.
    Have fun !
  7. There you go ! now half of netrider knows you!
    See you round one of the rides/coffee nights sometime! One of the forum topics is choice of bike I think.

    oh - I'd be a bit wary ( scared? :eek: ) of advice from a gal that goes by the name of holster :)

    Have Fun - Rick
  8. Hey Lizzy. Met you at the sushi night with GreyBM. Have fun finding the bike you love :)
  9. Short chicks 00020118.

    000200A1. Welcome to NR :cool: [/img]
  10. hello and welcome lizzy

    hey not all of us Holster :p