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Hi from a new rider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Julie Chong, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm a fairly inexperienced rider looking to join a Melbourne based club/chapter for fun and friendship and to learn from more experienced riders. I have a brand new CB300 F and don't have much hours on the road.

    I'm keen to know whether there are any groups/people out there who organise rides/training courses for new riders, I'd be happy to pay if there are any teachers.

  2. Hi and welcome Julie. Quite a few group rides posted on here so feel free to come along and join in. From learners to experienced, everyone is catered for. Check out the weekends away/overnight trips too, a lot of fun where you get to mingle with other riders and enjoy a meal/drink at the end of the day after riding on some fantastic bike roads.

  3. Hi there..

    Welcome to NR...

    Saturday practice is the place to be..
  4. welcome aboard Julie :]
  5. Welcome to NR! :happy:
  6. Hi Julie how did you go getting home from sat prac session? Hope you remembered some of the things Doug would have pointed out to you. Keep turning up to those sessions and you'll be right. See you next saturday and on to spanner day too !! well worth attending.
  7. Hey thanks for asking! I got home just fine with the help of Andrew; it was a terrifying two hour ride home in peak hour traffic with plenty of hills and god awful tram tracks, my arse and forearm is so sore now, but I so can't wait to do it again! If my nerves aren't completely shot next weekend, I'd love to come down! Hope to see you guys soon :)
  8. 2 hour ride home seems excessive but understandable for a learner I guess, I cant understand why your arse is sore but we can take that off site ;) lol forearms sore from the death grip? the 'oh shite' hands holding bars too tight? see you next weekend, easy on the ciggies lol.
  9. Haha yeah, stop/start traffic and fear of lane splitting meant constantly having the clutch in and of course, the death grip. I owe Andrew for sitting in traffic with me! And my unconditioned arse was sore from two hours sitting on the bike you dirty old man!
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  10. Ok couple of things, if sitting in traffic, do not sit there with clutch in just waiting. DO NOT SPLIT LANES, way too early for you, way too dangerous...and the death grip will subside. and I didnt start talking about your arse, you did! lol
  11. Haha thanks for the tip. I'm slowly getting used to waiting in neutral, it's just that initial fear of freaking out and being unprepared to go when traffic starts moving so I was sitting and waiting in 1st gear a little more often than necessary. I'm sure as I build more confidence I'll get better at that too.
  12. you will improve, dont stress, and if you wanna laugh I stall at the lights and feel like a total dick and laugh at myself, poo poo happens!
  13. Hi Julie, Welcome to the Forum.
  14. Howdy & Welcome to NR!

    Weathers getting better (this past weekend was a pearler), get ready for a summer of weekend cruises, and oh yeah the Chocolate Factory, everyone's favorite destination :sneaky: