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Hi from a new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sportyshane, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Hi guys and girls, well i have now joined a riders group. Its hard to find fellow riders. i haven't got huge experience on bikes but i have riden for a little while and have now just bought new bike.

    i would really like to meet other riders that like to cruise the open road and just enjoy the freedom.

    i live on the Mornington Peninsula

  2. Good ANZAC Day morning to you Shane

    I'm sure you'll be able to find some folks to ride with among the thousands of Melbourne Netriders, check out the dozen or so Coffee Nights, there's bound to be one in your area..
  3. Hi Shane and welcome to Netrider, and as Hornet has said (same to you too Hornet, mate), Lest We Forget.
    As I ride to Mornington regularly, we might be able to catch up for a ride sometime, if/whenever you're free.
    Feel free to PM or post here anytime to arrange a ride date. I understand there are quite a few Netrider members from your area, so finding folks to ride with shouldn't pose too much trouble.
    Enjoy the forums and look forward to meeting you out there sometime.
  4. Welcome, riding will give you experience aplenty ...
  5. Welcome mate
  6. Howdy and welcome. What kind of bike do you ride?
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome!
    lol... i ride a scooter at the moment... hopefully getting the 600rr soon.

    devochka... i think shorter hair would suit you better :)
  8. i have just bought a 2003 Harley Sportster i used to have an early 80's gsx 400 which was an old naked banger. i havent had a bike for a few years but decided to get one. i always wanted a harley so now i have one and love it. It rides very similar to my old bike but is a little heavier. i'm still getting used to it.

    Thanks for the welcome

  9. thats not her mate, she weighs 400 kilos, not that theres anything wrong with that :)
  10. jeez goz... i see you weigh your words very carefully lol
  11. i'm married, i'm allowed :D
  12. Welcome to NR