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Hi From A New Rider In Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Fridgy, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys, a new rider, got my L's in april and ride a 2011 CBR250R ABS

  2. Welcome buddy :)
  3. Get on down to the Saturday morning Learner / New Rider sessions in Elwood and say g'day
  4. Will do, do they run them every weekend?
  5. welcome to the Nuthouse :barefoot:
  6. Welcome mate (y)
  7. Hello Fridgy, welcome. Saturday morning practice is good for meeting people as well as improving your bike handling.
  8. Thanks everyone, I'm sure I will enjoy it here.
    As for this being a nuthouse, I'm also a member of a reptile forum, now that's a nut house :-/
  9. Welcome to NR. :)

    Reptiles, eh? What reptile do you own?
  10. Hhmmm ok well if thats the case you just stay on your side of the room and we'll get along fine :p
  11. hey! welcome to NR
  12. YAHR (YetAnotherHondaRider) :happy:

    Welcome to Netrider :)
  13. Hi mate welcome aboard, I've got the same bike. You will enjoy being part of this great bunch of guys and girls. Like the others have said get yourself down to Saturday morning practice, catch you around(y).
  14. I currently have a 3yr old spotted python, roughly 1200mm long
  15. Aww.....come on "jake" the snake is harmless

    Yes I know the name is slightly corny, but rythming is what happens when you leave the naming responsibilities to a 7yr old :-/
  16. Jake the Snake or Harry the Whoha, I don't care, you just get back to your corner of the room and keep ya snake to yourself! :finger:
  17. LMAO
    bet that's not the first time a girl has said that to ya :p
  18. Oh so many one liners there but I'll be nice seeing as though you are only NEW :smug:
  19. you only need to be worried if I have my hand on my "snake"..........
    But I digress, and this probably isnt the place for it........ So I will stop now, and promise to always leave jake at home