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Hi from a new member from The Sutherland Shire NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by HYO-44, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. Hi netriders,

    I'm new to the forum although not so new to motorcycles. Nearly 65 years of age, out of the old English motorcycle era, Norton, BSA, AJS, Triumph, Adler, I even had a little Vespa scooter. I think the best of that lot was a fawn coloured Velocette Venom 500cc single, somewhere around a 1957 model. I even rode an old Army BSA outfit that belonged to an inlaw. Last bike I had was about thirty years ago, Honda 450cc.

    I'll be collecting my new motorcycle later this month from a great dealer here in the Sutherland Shire NSW. It's a Mango Yellow/Black 2008 runout model Hyosung GT650S Tourer. Because I let my riders licence lapse eons ago, I now have to jump through the learner/provisional training hoops.

    Amazing how much has changed in motorcycles over the last 35 years. But it's just as amazing how much has really stayed the same, it still felt 'just right' when I first sat on the HYO's seat. Looking forward to getting involved in some of the rides, that Wed night meeting sounds like a brilliant idea, congratulations to the instigator/s of that project.

    Cheers :grin:

  2. Hello and welcome to the ocassional silliness that is NR :grin:

    I'm sure you've got some fabulous tales to share! :grin:

    How embarrasment :roll: wouldn't it be great if there was some mechanism/allowance in the licencing process that took into account "previous experience"? :-k

  3. Welcome!

    Yeh it's a shame you have to go through restrictions again but i'm sure Steve took care of you at Cbar motorcycles with that hyo :p

    Good luck and all the best mate


    Apologies if my assumption about where you bought it was wrong, thats the only Hyo dealer i know in the shire :oops:
  4. Hey HYO,

    You might not have to go through all the hoops ...

    "If you are aged 30 years or over and have held an Australian or New Zealand unrestricted driver licence for the last five years with no cancellations, disqualifications or lapses of more than six months between renewals, you may proceed directly from a learner rider licence to an unrestricted licence."

    Also no 3 month min on Ls.


  5. Welcome Aboard HYO !
  6. Welcome to the Forums HYO :grin:
  7. Thanks for the welcome netriders.
    Might I say, I get a great kick out of reading your signature's, brilliant!

    Yes blacknblue, I do have a few tales, I was fortunate to have a Dad in Law running a motor-cycle shop in Brisbane Qld when I started out riding. I worked in the shop for a few years, best parts were uncrating and assembling the new model Nortons for the Qld Police contract. We had to get them run-in before the presentation demo's each year. There was noting like a couple of brand new Nortons with Trade plates going south fast on the Pacific Hwy on a Saturday arvo to get some quick attraction from the Police in those days. They only wanted to see what they were getting!

    As for the RTA building in allowance for 'previous experience', it really is a good thing that they don't. Believe me. While I did ride a 'while' ago, technology made quantum leaps in motorcycle design and construction, along with the massive increase in traffic, and resultant rules of the road.
    There's a hell of a lot more to riding today than when I was first on the road. All sorts of good safety requirements became legislated, and take it from me today's safety gear is tops. A lot of riders my age may have survived if this gear had been available when I started.

    I would like to give credit to the Ride It Right instructors at Loftus NSW for demonstrating over the two half-days of the L course why this is such a necessary process regardless of experience. I tell you, after day one I drove my car home totally differently to usual. After day two, I believe I have a totally different attitude to driving any vehicle upon the road. I really believe I know now why it's best to start from scratch for a riders licence. Consider personal changes in driving attitude, preparedness, attention, consideration. All changed in two half days, by two young guys. And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

    And Not4Resale, Yes you made a very good assumption, and it's also a very straight up type of shop, I relate to smaller shops, more personal. It took just the one phone call to his terrific assistant to be given exactly the information that I needed to know.

    But, to compare, I did make the same call to a bigger shop a few minutes later to check prices and they couldn't answer my query straight away, would have to check and phone me back, we appreciate your call and all that. Well, they 'only' took three days to phone me back, to discuss my sales query of "How much is the total on-road cost for a Hyosung GT650S Tourer", didn't take a genius to know which shop to deal with. It's not just in motorcycles, but some sales people are really pathetic, I believe you're either in Sales or you're not.

    Also thanks OzYoda, the 'other' requirement before getting to the Mature Age Rider qualification is to also pass the Pre-Provisional course of Rider Training, it's a one day session, costs about $160 and then the RTA licence costs. That's what I'll be doing a little later this year.

    I've passed the Pre-Learner course last week and now have my L's, they're good for twelve months, and I'm old enough to not be bothered by a yellow bit of L stuff hanging off the back for a while, so I'll book the next stage for the Mature Age licence qualification for about April, May.

    Look forward to catching up with everyone somewhere along the road in the near future.

    Cheers :biker: