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Hi from a classic enthusiast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by scott.v, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. G'day guys. I got my learners last december at HART in Kilsyth but haven't got on the road yet. I've got a 1973 Honda CB200 that I'm turning into a cafe racer..... slowly. Nothing too radical, solo seat, homemade rearsets, clipons (they're too big so I've made some adaptor sleeves) and a decent clean and polish. I'm an apprentice fitter and turner which has come in handy so far. Look forward to learning some stuff from the forum and eventually getting the bike out to some NR meetings.

    Cheers, Scott

  2. Welcome Scott,
    sounds like a unique machine you're going to have there!
    I love the cafe racer look - I'll be waiting to see yours.
  3. Welcome to netrider

    Hope to see some pics, had an orange one with front drum brake as my first bike. I too tried to turn it into a Cafe Racer and changed handlebars and then realised I was colourblind :oops:
  4. Welcome Aboard Scott !!!
  5. :LOL: @ Toecutter!!!

    So, an apprentice fitter and turner, eh?? You might find yourself with plenty of work on other people's bikes as well, here at Netrider :).

    Welcome to the madhouse anyway!
  6. Thanks guys. Yeah I'm not really one for following the crowd.

    Toecutter, your bike sounds like what I've got, orange(ish red) with drum brake. I like the factory colour scheme of black, orange and white pinstriping so I'm keeping the tank as is (although a little ratty) and painting side covers and seat to match.

    I've got one hell of a before photo, but I'll wait until I've made some more progress to put any up. I probably don't have enough posts anyway.

    Hornet, I don't mind doing foreigners, but only after my bike is finished :grin: :LOL:

  7. Welcome and good on you. Sounds like quite a project.

    I had never heard the term cafe racer before, I found a good write up on wikipedia. So today just like every other day I have learnt something new, but thanks to you for the seed Scott. There are some interesting cafe racer images on the net too, it is quite a big niche/following.
  8. G'day, yep there a few classic bike/cafe racer fans here, and some future fans too thanks to the net and companies like Deus. Welcome :)
  9. Hello and welcome. CB200 cafe racer eh? Sounds like a good opportunity to build a CR93 lookalike.
  10. howdy n welcome cafe racer :p
  11. Thanks again for the welcome guys.

    The RC93 is a neat looking bike. Reminds me a lot of the Dream 50 Deus has on their website for $5000 (and for race use only)!! While surfing I found a video of an RC166 250 6cyl. Absolutely amazing. Here's the link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6187903359357220917

    Progress is slow, gave the bike a really good de-grease/wash this weekend which took a long time because the idiot PO sprayed fish oil EVERYWHERE! Even aluminium and glass. WTF??

    Here's my before photo after some minor disassembly:

    Cheers, Scott
  12. You're bound to find some use for that brocolli :LOL:.