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Hi from a city newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Helweg, May 6, 2014.

  1. Hi folks,

    After lurking for a good deal of time on here I've decided I should introduce myself.
    I've been on my L plate since June last year and hoping to sort out the full license in the next month or so.
    I ride a black 83' VT250F with a spada/VTR style (but unfortunately loud) exhaust and a few little additions/differences to stock.
    Wearing gaudy yellow Icon helmet with black gear (for now).

    Enjoyed having a bike to do a little bit of work and learning on, whilst still being on the road.
    Over time I've done valve clearances, all kinds of oil stuff, carb cleaning/syncing, clutch fluid work, wheel stuff etc etc.
    All been really rewarding to learn.

    I've heard that the old VTs don't last long, but this seems in reasonable garaged shape.
    By chance talked to a bloke out near Emerald who mentioned his son owning the same model and them having the same apprehension, but it would never quit.
    Will keep on top of oil maintenance and hopefully it'll keep on pulling for a good while yet.

    Loving every moment of riding, and even the cold.
    In fact I didn't have a choice but to ride in the rain and cold when I first started, so it doesn't faze me really!

    Seems like a lot of nice riders in the Melbourne area and I wish I'd be able to talk longer to the dude with his rider friends who wanted to chat at the lights on Elizabeth St in the city, but I couldn't hear a damn thing he was saying.

    Though I'm from in the inner city/north, you'll often find me practicing out in the Airport West carpark late on a quiet night, maybe Kew boulevard or just generally around.
    Had a few good adventures in some national parks too, love the dirt.

    Hope I can see some of you around and give back to the community in some way.

  2. Welcome @Helweg@Helweg Get along to Saturday morning practice in Elwood and you will be able to catch up with a lot of other riders. Most Sundays there is a Learner friendly ride posted. Hope you can catch up on one of those rides.
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  3. Hey Chris,

    Thanks a bunch, that sounds great!
  4. Welcome :)
  5. Welcome Helweg,
    Enjoy the ride.

    Watch out on the Boulevarde, there's been a lot of extra hazards on the road of late.
    So far it looks to be aimed at the push bikers, but you never know what dumb will do . .
  6. Welcome to Nutrider!
  7. Welcome to NR..