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Hi Folks.. :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Atlas, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Hi Folks :cool:

    Just thought i'd say hi! Ive been browsing around here for about 2 weeks now.

    Im a n00b to riding.. passed my pre-learners course just last weekend @ Clyde (Sydney).

    Havent booked my computer test in yet.. just waiting to get my gear first before i actually have my licence... sorta figured theres no point having my licence and not being able to ride becoz of no helmet jakt etc etc..

    Got a Honda CBR 250RR to learn the ropes on. (nfi on year model?)

    Hope to catch up with some of you sydney siders for a ride one day.

    Cheers :grin:

  2. welcome atlas, i'm a noob too - been riding for just over 6 weeks now after getting my licence earlier this year. have fun :grin:
  3. Welcome to the round-the-clock madness that is Netrider. You'll be very welcome on rides; watch the NSW events section :).
  4. Easy enough to work out from the frame number.
    MC22 – 1000001~ Is a 90-91 model
    MC22 – 1050001~ Is a 92-93 model
    MC22 – 1100001~ Is a 94-96 model (after which production ceased although sales continued until '98).
    If the frame number contains anything else (eg MC17, MC19 etc.) then it's a CBR250R disguised as an RR.
    Welcome to the forums.
  5. JD, thanks for the info! .. cant remember exactly the frame number.. but iirc its a 91 model mc22.

    Thanks for the welcome folks :)
  6. A good year to have - it predates the '94 40ps power restriction ;) (power output was around 45ps when new).
  7. Welcome. :)

    The complience plate will tell you when it was built. Aus delivery bikes show build date, while grey imports show complience date and build date. :wink:
  8. Welcome to NR Atlas :grin:
  9. Welcome Atlas :)
  10. Hiya Map. :wink:
  11. yep, welcome and enjoy :grin:
  12. Hello there, welcome to NR :grin:
  13. Cheers and thanks again for the welcome!
  14. gday atlas, welcome to NR

    MG at his finest..... :roll: :rofl:
  15. heya Atlas
    welcome to the show
    i'm in the western suburbs too, up for a ride sometime?
  16. Welcome to the madhouse.. :grin: