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Hi Folks

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kiko, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Hello im new to both these fourms and motorcycles in general i got my license the other day thru Qride and thats all the experience i have on a bike. I'm currently in brisbane and looking for the local community, going on group rides and the like sounds like alot of fun and just having a place (these forums) to talk about bikes will be good. Basicly im looking into buying a bike for myself and relly getting started, any tips or help in regards to buying/riding or finding people in my area you could give would be greatly appreciated. Ive alredy found the newbies guides around and im reading them at the moment. Anyways just thought id jump on and introduce myself.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hey Kiko, welcome, as for first bikes it really will depend on budget alot. Also, whether you prefore Nakeds, full faired or touring bikes. Still my thought would be to either start with a Kawasaki ZZR 250 or a Honda CBR 250 RR, just because there are a lot of them out there.

    Still it will be alot about personal choice.
  3. Welcome, and good on you for taking the initiative to get some more experience..
    Youll find heaps of helpful information and tips here...


  4. Welcome - hope you enjoy the experience as much as the rest of us.
  5. Welcome Kiko. If you can absorb all the stuff we've written for newbies, you'll be doing very well :grin:
  6. Welcome kiko. enjoy your stay.
  7. Hey thanks for the welcome guys i appreciate it. Also sorry bout putting the post in the wrong fourm and thanks for moving it, didnt see the welcome lounge the first time heh. If anyones interested I made another post in the general disscussion fourm about the bike im looking at buying, wasnt sure if that was the place for it but it seems like it. Thanks again all :)
  8. Hi and welcome, you'll find nearly everything you need about bikes here :)
  9. Welcome Kiko,
    bit hard for me to recommend a bike for you as you have different restriction to us in Vic... seems like the NSW crew like the Suzuki GS500 a lot... but I love the look of the new CBR600
    Just remember that bikes with lots of plastics are expensive to insure.
  10. good luck with everything. the less plastic you have the less it costs to fix when you drop it and the cheaper it is to insure on your Ls
  11. Welcome to the forums Kiko :)
  12. Welcome Kiko ....Welcome