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hi folks!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kramer, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. hi guys,
    my name's jon, and i'm still pretty new to the scene. got into motorbikes about 2 months ago, and now i've got a full open bike licence ( that's a scary thing! ) i would never have thought 2 months ago that that would happen, but the guy i work with has me hooked!

    i've always driven cage's and bikes seem the alternative for my fuel woes and performance needs hehe!

    i think i've done pretty well, having ridden about 5 bikes, and not dropped any - including my own ( currently a dt175).

    truly amazing that i can go from never having ridden a bike, to being competent for a full open licence in just the space of a week or so is mindblowing! made a few people jealous with that, but hey i'm 21, they're not!

    i've trolled the forums for a bit now, and you all seem like a friendly bunch! i'de like to get to know some other riders, and mayby find a riding buddy, if they exist in toowoomba :|

    having driven cage's for so long i suppose i have a better road sense than new riders would otherwise, but i'm pretty safe. hopefully that remains the same when i get my road bike.

    so a big hello to everyone here!

  2. lol..welcome to the forum. Dunno anyone from Toowoomba except some guy that calls himself PsychoKittenKiller from another forum but he hates my guts, so I won't recommend him.
  3. G'day kramer and welcome!!!
  4. G'day Kramer! Welcome to the forums!

    :D :D :D
  5. thanks guys and gals. :D
  6. Hi kramer welcome to the forum!
  7. :) heya Kramer, welcome to de forums!
  8. Hi Kramer, welcome to the forums!! :D :D
  9. Gday mate and welcome to the site. How come you have gone from a restricted licence too a full one in 2 months :?:

  10. q - ride mate. and i went from l's ( which i had about a week) to opens.

    this is only possible if you have an open car licence - which i do hehe.
  11. G'day kramer and welcome
  12. may as well jump on kramers thread..

    im very new to the scene.. going for my
    learners this month

    having been into the pocket bike scene but
    now i cant ride em on the roads i thought
    y not get a real bike lol.. so thats how ive
    come to getting my learners

    have been reading the threads since i
    joined up so theres heaps for me to learn
    & good advice going around.

    hopefully in the not too distand future dis
    punkass ***** will be riding wif u guys!

  13. lucky you kramer....

    i have an open licence and am also over 21 BUT..
    still i have to go through the whole restriction period
    guess i picked the wrong state lol... :)