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Hi Folks!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 2shot, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. I'm from Brisbane and new to the forum and to bikes, despite being an advanced age - downhill side of 50.

    Riding a bike is an urge that has bubbled away for decades but now it's time to do something about it. I had a friend move overseas a while ago who had to sell his bike. I was tempted at the time but instead of buying it I encouraged another mate and, although he wasn't a rider and didn't have a licence, he bought the bike. He got his licence and practiced around the local streets. Now whenever I see him he's beaming, full of stories of his latest explorations around Brisbane and surrounding country and so pleased he bought the bike. That has convinced me.

    So far I have only my learners and intend to book a couple of days to complete a QRide course to get my licence and then get some gear and a bike. There seems to be a lot of options for QRide courses and so far I haven't settled on one - motodojo is looking like the one I might go for in the next couple o weeks.

    I have spent countless hours reading bike ads, these forums and viewing online videos trying to work out what lams bike I should be aiming for. Until I get a licence I can't even test ride one so I'll approach things one step at a time.

    This site is a fantastic resource, great to see such a community here.
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  2. gday 2shot2shot and welcome to NR - always good to see another old dude joining the fun! best of luck with your licence, from another old dude.
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  3. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
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  4. Howdy 2shot2shot
    Welcome and congrats on finally taking the first step. It's going to be a great learning process a there's MUCH to learn :)

    Don't stress too much about having to do all your research before you do the Qride. When you do your course see if they can swap bikes while you do it so you can test some diff ones out. For the time being you don't. We'd a license to throw your leg over every type of bike, since every body is made diff :)

    Good luck!

    Also keep your eye out in the mentoring thread and the events section
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  5. Welcome to NR mate from another old fart lol
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  6. welcome to Netrider 2shot2shot :)
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  7. Welcome, mate.
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  8. Welcome from someone who also started in their fifties.
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  9. Welcome from yet another rider who started in their fifties.
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  10. Welcome from another Brisbanite. The 2 day q-rides are quite good in getting you underway in the basics of bike control and roadcraft - then it's pretty much up to you to learn the rest. Remember QLD licencing laws are changing at beginning of Oct and if you do q-ride after that time you'll be required to remain on restricted licence for 3 years. Recommend you do it before then so can do the unrestricted licence upgrade test in one years time.
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  11. Welcome! Good to see more "seasoned" riders joining the fold.
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  12. Welcome to Netrider and the world of motorbikes. Just remember "the older the boys the better the toys" when you buy your wheels that way we are guaranteed to keep the young'uns jealous......
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  13. Welcome to NR

    Never to late...

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  14. Welcome mate :cool:
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  15. Welcome to the nuthouse mate.

    there's no escaping now.....
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  16. G'day and welcome.
    Start with the biggest and fastest LAMS bike and work your way up from there ;-)
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  17. Thanks folks!
    My riding will be just for the fun of it. Fair weather and empty roads would be ideal.
    I walk less than 10 mins to work so had ruled out doing any commuting by bike, but then again I could take a much longer route...
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  18. welcome aboard :)

    fifty is the new 40 isn't it :)
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  19. Hello 2shot2shot, welcome to the life on two wheels :happy:. Good luck with choosing your ride (y)
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